Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Personal Development

COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa:Harsh Truths We Prefer to Ignore

What harsh truths do we choose as a society to ignore? Isn't it time societal expectations in the larger parts of Africa changed? Hi, there!...


15 Inspiring Mohammed Dewji Quotes to Help You Succeed in Life and Business

Described by Forbes Magazine as Africa's youngest billionaire, Mohammed Dewji took MeTL, his family's company from a wholesale and retail enterprise and turned it...


How to Get Started as a Writer in Africa: Interview with Hephzibah Frances

Hello Africa, welcome to another edition of our KA Interview Series. How are you doing? We recently hosted another exceptional young lady on the...

The Best Writing Tips for Aspiring Writers in Africa: Interview with Eno Sam

As part of our KA Interview Series, we recently hosted a exceptional young lady on the Konnect Africa Network - the Facebook Community of...

This is Divine Komla Kpe, 26-year-old Educator, Business Writer, Speaker and Social Entrepreneur from Ghana

It is another Konnect Africa interview. Today, we have with us a writer, speaker and social entrepreneur from Ghana. His name is Divine Komla...

Aliko Dangote says, “Think Big, Dream Big, and Do Big Things” in this Powerful Interview

If you seek to build  a great business in Africa and live a great life, then it pays to listen to great people. All...

How I Mentor Busy Mothers All Over The World: Detola Amure Shares Her Story

You know mothers. More often than not, they are always busy - always looking for something to do. In most cases, they are busy...

Celebrating Authors

Why I Wrote the Book, Actualize Your Vision

This is another post in our Promote-Your-Book Series - a platform for budding authors in Africa to promote their books and literary works. Today, we...

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