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Mandela [1918-2013] :20 Memorable Quotes from a World Legend, Freedom Fighter and True Leader

Memorable Quotes from a World Legend

He sacrificed his freedom for the freedom of others – President Barack Obama

Many walked on that road but you stayed on it; the road that led to freedom. You were our Martin Luther King; the conscience of Africa’s unyielding thirst for freedom to be and to thrive. Now, rest those selfless feet Madiba, it’s truly been a long walk to freedom and may the world find the trail and follow. Free Mandela!

Adieu “Tata”.~Kalu Nnanya

Memorable Quotes from a World Legend

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Mandela 10

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Mandela 20

Madiba! Good night. Sleep tight. You fought and won a good fight. You make us proud to be Africans. Please, from up there, if you could, talk to our leaders while they sleep and make them see the light. Let them see how the world all over will speak of you today and forever and let them desire that more than they crave wealth and power. Oh, if only they could want to emulate you! An African Legend….no, a World Legend. A man who chose to stand for his fellow men and women rather than stomp all over them.

Dear Africa, Dear World, I am so sorry for your loss. ~Salt Bola Essien-Nelson

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