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Meet Two Amazing Teachers in Kenya Who are Making a Difference

Hello good people!

My very sincere apologies for being totally unavailable ever since. You know what-we-deemed-the-worst-but-lucky-it-did-not-turn-out-to-be-that-way happened!! (Covid-19!).

Well, I am back up here and as my guess could be wild, so are you!


That’s my subject this time round. I am informed that teachers are a very significant in the society. The global village we are living in does not hesitate to further elaborate that the teacher motivates society to perform better, because they devote themselves to teach and develop the careers of their students.

Teachers might not know that students respect them a great deal as many of them end up successfully and are indeed very grateful to them.


Such of this caliber end up getting praised for their amazing qualities and methods of teaching, for their fair handling of their students without discrimination: in a nutshell playing their role of being substantial and valuable.

I happen to have discovered two teachers of such astounding substance in one of a strongly upcoming learning institution in Mombasa.


This lady teacher has only taught for 6 years in not more than 2 schools and is already in top managerial leadership in her current school; Greenwood Groove International school (GGIS)!

Miss Amina Salim - Amazing Teachers in Kenya

“My passion for changing the future generation’s perception of the world has been my sole drive every day. I love handling a student at a time,” she calmly states.

Fauziah (Year 10) has this to say about Miss Amina her Chemistry teacher,

“a considerate teacher who follows up on a one on one, should a student miss out on her lessons. She is not a typical teacher and quite is approachable”.

But has it been an all easy mountain to climb for her? Definitely not.

She has had moments in her career that have laminated her profession as one ‘chess board’ every teacher must handle with expertise. There was this one time when student X from a school in United Kingdom joined one of her two schools, but had a turmoil of undertakings whilst trying to get settled in.

X would be late for classes, in most cases skip lessons or if she chose to attend them, she would ensure that everyone felt her presence. This landed her in the disciplinary room more than once and eventually out of school – expelled.

Miss Amina Salim - Amazing Teachers in Kenya
Miss Amina

Miss Amina recalls a moment when this girl eventually opened up to her, disclosing very sad facts about her life. Molested, side-lined by her peers, abandoned in her abyss of desolation by her own family, these were among the few very traumatizing episodes of her 14 years of life! She resulted to desperation for attention by being quite obscure in her social life. Drugs were her snug for comfort. Miss Amina devoted her time to ensure that the poor girl’s brokenness would start forming into a restoration of self-esteem.

“How far do you see yourself in the next 10 years?” I ask Miss Amina.
“In administration or managerial position of an educational institution.’ She calmly says.


A sports instructor with twelve years experience, Mr. Alfan is the swimming, cycling and football coach here at GGIS. He is also the Kenya National Triathlon coach and the Vice-president of Kenya Triathlon Federation.

Mrs. Alfan Mwanyika - Amazing Teachers in Kenya

These attributes have enabled him travel with his students to other African countries like Egypt and Zimbabwe, where they recently scooped 3 gold medals and 4 silvers with the Kenyan youth team.

“What has motivated to come up this far with your very enthusiastic students, Mr Alfan?”
“My passion to nurture young talents

And what do Geovan and Kristine who are in years 10 and 9 respectively say of him?

Kristen excited asserts, “He knows our strengths and weaknesses and helps us work on our weaknesses. Basically, he nurtures our talents.”

‘We love having him around because he is a good coach; he mentors us and teaches us to mentor the younger students.’

These two teachers are in my opinion, ideal teachers whose calling into the teaching profession is indeed divine! They have devoted themselves significantly in the teaching and learning world, thus have earned respect from more so, their students and colleagues.

You will agree with me that substantiality and value are streaks quite apparent in both cases. I know you do.

Bravo to the duo!

Sheila Munguti – Kenya.

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