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The Best Writing Tips for Aspiring Writers in Africa: Interview with Eno Sam

As part of our KA Interview Series, we recently hosted a exceptional young lady on the Konnect Africa Network – the Facebook Community of KonnectAfrica.Net.

She is an author, book editor, artist, writing coach and ghostwriter, who helps busy brands and professionals create compelling contents that are relevant to the success of their business. I am talking of none other than the pretty and highly resourceful Eno Sam.

In this interview, she joined us to discuss her best writing tips for aspiring writers in Africa and how they can birth their writing dreams, while profiting hugely from it. Indeed, It is a loaded interview. We trust you will benefit from it and use the tips shared to accomplish great things with your writing talent.

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Eno Sam best writing tips

Eno Sam, Let’s get up close and personal; Give us a bit of your history and ethnicity.


I was born on 23rd July in the 90s and I am the first daughter of my family. I am from Akwa Ibom but I was born in Aba. I grew up in Lagos and studied Accounting at Madonna University, Anambra State, Nigeria. I currently live in Uyo and I am single.

Now, let’s get to know why you write: Why do you write?

I write because I have passion for inspiring the world with my pen. A lot of issues can be addressed via the use of words.

How can one get started in writing?

The journey of writing begins with realizing that the primary purpose of writing should not be to make money. Some people decide to write just because they heard that authors earn from the profession but this is a wrong mindset to run with.

Building a writing career begins with coming to terms with the principle that value must come before money.

That’s the first thing to put in place -YOUR MINDSET.

The advantage of this is that you would share your message with a greater passion and in the long run, the money would flow in. That’s the smart way.

No reader ever resists value.

Eno, what is your best piece of writing advice you have received?

The best piece of advice I have ever received is, “Never copy other writers. Create your own originality and stand out.”

Actually, I work with this advice. That’s why a typical follower of my works can instantly recognize an #EnoSamWrites article anywhere.

So tell us Eno, what inspires you to write?

Recently, I shared a video on my Facebook timeline where I spoke on self-discovery.

The discovery of my purpose on earth has always served as a source of inspiration to me. Each time I write, a big part of me feels I am fulfilling my destiny.

In other words, what inspires me to write is the reminder that I am fulfilling purpose and reaching out to my generation

How important is a writing routine to a writer?

On writing routine, I have a customised code I call “ONE OR TWO NOT ZERO” which directly compares the human brain with a vehicle.

If you park your car for three months without driving it, it may be difficult to kick the engine afterwards.

This means that regular use of the vehicle makes it more active. Therefore, regular use of the brain makes the thinking membrane more active.

The “ONE OR TWO NOT ZERO” writing code requires that a writer writes once or twice daily but should never fail to write.

Can you tell us about your writing routine/process? What is a typical writing day for you?

A writer without a routine may likely remain at a spot. This is the reason people spend two years writing one book.

I apply a strategic productivity formula I call “THE BLD MONTHLY PLAN” to structure my writing engagements.

Because I also draw, I try to divide my day into halves or quarters to maintain my writing routine. I can write at mornings and draw at evenings. Most times, I swap the time depending on how I feel.

Where do you get your ideas?

I’m almost tempted to call my source of ideas a mysterious one.

I could be sleeping and suddenly feel a certain inner force pushing me to pick up my pen. Once I sit up, I write every single thing flowing into my head.

Of course, my heart never rests until I satisfy the burning urge to write that minute.

Where you do write?

I love writing in libraries or behind closed doors (my room) especially when I am alone. I can hardly write in a noisy environment.

I’m sure many of our audience will really like to know this – Is there money in writing? How can one profit from writing?

Yes, there is money in writing.

I’ve been hired to ghostwrite a couple of times and I can say writing is serious business.

If an individual is good in writing, he/she can generate income by creating blog contents for other brands, selling books, proofreading and offering editorial services.

Be that as it may, you must be a very good writer first before offering these services because no sane organization/individual would love to work with a novice.

How important is reading to the writing process? Please, tell us.

Reading is very important for writers because it can broaden your vocabulary and enlighten you on other areas of life.

Every writer should be a reader.

Which writers do you admire?

I love Myles Munroe, Joyce Meyer, Chimamanda Ngozi, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and the list goes on.

Generally, I love intelligent writers and read from them whenever I get the opportunity.

What’s your latest literary work? Are you able to tell us a bit about it?

My latest literary work is a mystery novel titled, THE BLOODY COLD NIGHT, which is filled with drama and suspense.

It is the diary of Lucky Dave, a dying man in the 21st Century, who sleeps in the pool of his own blood in the dead of a cloudy night and wonders why his soul is tormented sore.

This story is solely written with the intention of drawing readers’ attention to a filthy reality they may not have been taking seriously.

The old version was launched on January 15th, 2018, but will be relaunched.

Presently, the book is unavailable for purchase but would go live on Amazon within the next 40 days.

Where can your books be purchased, online and offline?

Currently, my books can be gotten online.

“WHAT EVERY WRITER MUST KNOW” is free for download on Okada books and my website.

THE DRIVER’S SEAT (a motivational book) and THE BLD MONTHLY PLAN (a strategic productivity formula) can be purchased on my website. Offline sales/hard copy purchase will be announced in due course.

Eno, what are the major challenges you have faced as a writer?

Being a writer requires sitting before laptops and phones for hours organizing manuscripts.

I’ve always disliked having too much light flash into my eyes but I have no choice because work must be done. It gets worse when simultaneously editing a client’s book and writing my own book – a longer time spent before the rays of light. Sometimes, it gives me headache but panadol does the magic anyway.

Have you ever attended a writing class / training? Do you feel it benefitted your writing? If yes, in what way?

Yes, I was once a writing club member. It was fun rubbing minds with other writers and learning from our coordinator.

Many people want to become great writers but have not deemed it fit to get trained by professionals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There are many things a new writer may never know in the journey of writing except someone fully into the system shows them.

I remember we usually submitted our articles for constructive evaluation and got a grade. Those who scored an E knew they had to put in more effort and those who scored a C had to work towards having a distinction next time.

My first submitted work got a B but I wanted an A. It actually challenged my growth.

I do this during my writing training too. I don’t just dump a bunch of theories to my trainees; we do constructive drills to identiFy individual loopholes. The irony is that writers have different problems and I guide them through the process.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

I can’t remember the last time I experienced writers’ block. Maybe it is because I have gone really deep in writing. Each time I pick up my pen to write, the words flow easily.

Many people suffer from writers’ block because they have failed to do their underground work.

Eno Sam, What’s the best perk of being a writer?

Writing gives exposure and makes writers build authority around a particular niche. It stirs up interest in products and services.

From experience, I’ve had clients who confessed that they signed up for my writing training because of an article/book of mine they read.

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer in Africa?

The 21st Century is a time of technology and everything is achievable online. However, intending authors should resist the temptation of misusing online publishing or putting a bad book out there.

The reason is that your reputation as an author would be at stake if you don’t run your book project with a higher authority.

Recently, I came across a book filled with unforgivable grammatical errors and I perceived the author did the work without guidance. A few typographical errors may be forgiven but grammatical errors can never go unnoticed.

My candid advice to aspiring authors is that they should develop their writing skills first before writing a book. Also, they should consider running their book projects with extra eyes.

In conclusion, I encourage upcoming writers to believe in themselves even if they don’t feel good enough. That’s one reason you need to be coached but never look down on yourself.

Writing is not for only English and Literature graduates. I am a graduate of Accounting but I’ve successfully built a solid empire around my writing career. There is no excuse for settling for the average. Just like Peak, IT’S IN YOU.

Where can we find out more about you and your products (website, social media handles etc)?

Website: www.enosam.com
Instagram: eno_sam
Email: enosambooks@gmailcom

Thank you Eno Sam, we really appreciate you for sharing with us tonight.

I’m glad I was part of the show tonight. You played an excellent role as the host. It’s indeed great to reach out to Africa (just as the group name says). Thanks for having me.Best regards to everyone.

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Emmanuel Olatunji
Emmanuel Olatunji
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