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It’s Akpos in the Building – The Best of Akpos Jokes

Akpos in the Building

Hello Africa,

We have some fresh jokes from Bros Akpos….Enjoy them!!!


MAMA: How was your paper?..

AKPOS: Good, but I didn’t know d past tense of “think”. I thought and thought, then finally wrote “Thunk”.


How do you recognize Akpos in School?

He is the one who erases the notes from the book when the teacher erases the board.”


TEACHER: If u have 10 chocolate cakes & someone asks for 2, how many would you have left?

AKPOS: 10, because I won’t give

— FOUR —

TEACHER: Class choose between money and brain?

AKPOS: I’d go for the money!

TEACHER:I’d go for brain!

AKPOS:Well everybody goes for what he doesn’t have!

— FIVE —

ALINCO: Akpos, i Just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

AKPOS: Sorry Bro. Get well soon.

— SIX —

CASHIER: This is the 5th same movie ticket you’ve bought tonight Sir, Why please?

AKPOS: The Idiot at the entrance keeps tearing it


TEACHER: All stupid people should stand up

AKPOS Stands Up

TEACHER: So Akpos you are stupid?

AKPOS: No Ma, I just can’t bear you standing alone.


TONTO: But why is your password ‘Samson’ ?

AKPOS: Computer said my former password wasn’t strong enough

— NINE —

TEACHER: Akpos, finish this sentence.. ‘Many are called but ………….?

AKPOS: But only few have credit to call back..

— TEN–

Akpos was walking in a bush and suddenly saw a lion in front of him. He knelt down, praying to GOD to deliver him. when he opened his eyes, he saw the lion kneeling also & praying,

Akpos asked the lion “Are u also a christian?”

The lion replied, “Shut up, don’t you pray b4 you eat?.
Akpos fainted!!!!


From AKPOS To All My Single Ladies!!!
If You have been engaged to a guy for 3 years and no wedding is forthcoming. Please, kindly remove the ring… Is your finger a key holder?


A Lady asked her boyfriend, Akpos” How much do you love me ?
AKPOS: I love you so much, can’t measure…….
Girl : No just tell me….
AKPOS: Okay I am like a phone and you are my Sim card, there’s no me without you……
Girl : aaaaaawww that is so romantic …….
(Akpos says 2 himself) See this joker !!! I’m a china phone with 3 sims.


Teacher fell Asleep in Class and Akpos walked up to him,
AKPOS: “Teacher are you sleeping in Class ?”

TEACHER: “No I am not Sleeping in Class.
AKPOS: “What were you doing Sir ?
TEACHER: I was talking to God.”

The next day Akpos fell Asleep in class and the same teacher walks up to him

TEACHER : “Akpos, You are sleeping in my Class.”
AKPOS: “No not me Sir, I am not Sleeping.”
ANGRY TEACHER : “What were you doing. ??”
AKPOS: “I was talking to God.”
ANGRY TEACHER: “What did he Say ??”
AKPOS: “God said he never spoke to you yesterday.



CHICHI : hello

AKPOS: my love how are you doing?

CHICHI: am fine.

AKPOS:will you be less busy by weekend to come to my house?

CHICHI:am sorry love I can’t make it because I will be attending my aunty’s wedding and the next day is de thanks giving
in church,am so occupied.

AKPOS:i wanted to take you out for shopping to surprise you with blackberrytorch and the brazilian hair u’ve been asking for.

CHICHI:i will be coming and i may even spend a weekend if u want my love.

AKPOS:what about the wedding?

CHICHI:which wedding? I was just joking.

AKPOS: me too love!


TEACHER: Akpos, recite A-Z and what each alphabet stands for..
A for-Adobe
B for-bluetooth
C for-chat
D for-download
E for-email
F for-facebook
G for-google
H for-hotmail
I for-iphone
J for-Java
K for-kingston
L for-laptop
M for-messenger
O for-outlook
P for-print
Q for-QuickTime
R for-RAM
S for-Server
T for-Touch Screen
U for-U S B
V for-Version
W for-wifi1
X for-xbox360
Y for-YouTube
Please help Akpos with `Z’..

Do have a lovely weekend

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