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Emmanuel Olatunji: The Power Of Little Things

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed something urgently and it seemed all doors were shut but you found help in the things you least thought of?

I was in such situation some couple of weeks ago. What happened?

It was on a weekend and I needed a haircut. So I decided to go to the barber’s shop but there was no money on me.

I wanted to look nice and presentable during the course of the week so I had to cut my hair that day. I didn’t know what to do. There was no one I could borrow money from and return it later. But while still thinking of what to do, a suggestion came to my mind. I decided to gather all the pieces of small Naira notes I had been collecting and dumping in my pocket.

So I started searching for all the currency notes I had on me that very day. After the search, I was able to gather 5, 10,  20 and  50 Naira notes. I gathered all those money together and that very day, the power of little things dawned on me.

Those notes that I had dumped and which I hadn’t even taken cognizance of before that time became the solution to my lack of money that day.

I went to the barber’s shop and had a clean and well shaven hair, and also had some extra balance on me. There and then, I experienced the power of little things.

You see, my dear reader, emphasis is often put on things that seem so big and major. In the process, we often undermine the power of little things. There’s power in little things.

A lot of people want to become successful today but such people seldom take little things into cognizance.

Nowadays, a huge number of people especially the youths want to get rich and become successful in a jiffy. But the painful fact is the fact that many of such people tend to ignore the little things that can make them successful.

Some people have ignored their passion for shaving men’s hair because they feel it is a little thing to become a barber. Little do they know that little things are often times powerful and can achieve great results, just like the analogy I gave earlier.

Do you want to become a successful person in Nigeria and Africa at large? Take note of little things.

Take note of those craft and skills that people tend to ignore. Appreciate little things and it will amaze you what little things can accomplish.

Just as those little Naira notes came to my rescue the other day, all those little, little things you’ve been overlooking can be the spices you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

Even nature teaches this truth. When you plant a single seed in the ground, in months or years to come, you will not come back to meet little harvest. What you will have is a gigantic tree. That is the power of little things.

Never undermine the power of little things. Look around you today. What are those things you’ve been overlooking? What are those things you regard as things of little or no consequence? Go back and appreciate those things, because there is power in little things.

Emmanuel Olatunji is a writer and a coach. He helps individuals gain clarity about their purpose in life so that they can lead an exceptional life. To achieve this, he organises a monthly masterclass on Whatsapp named Purpose Discovery Masterclass and he also run an online community on Facebook named The Exceptional  Being Academy 

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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  1. I agree there is power in little things. That is why they say little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Like you said, many young people want to be successful without recognizing the power of little things. The truth is, those little things we often ignore lead to great and mighty things when they’re consistently done. If you know how to write, consistently write and you’ll become great one day. If you know how to sing, constantly sing and you’ll kiss greatness one day. Whatever you know how to do, no matter how small, continue to do it. Don’t get tired. Don’t lose your enthusiasm. It’s going to lead you to places you never thought you could get to. Yes, there’s power in little things.

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