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Emmanuel Olatunji: If Wishes were Horses…

An adage says, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”

There are two types of people in this world:

  • those who wish for something and do nothing about what they wish for,  and
  • those who wish for something and take necessary actions to make their wish come true.

The reason most people remain stuck and unsuccessful in life is because they have harboured the enemy into their heart called wish.

If you wish for a thing but refuse to meet it with necessary actions, such a wish becomes an enemy to you.

Are you shocked? Don’t be. Read on.

It is better not to wish for something than to wish for it and do nothing about it. This actually has a psychological effect on you, and the aftermath of this effect is that you will always wish for things but won’t have the capacity or the zeal to make what you wish for come true.

Every good and positive wish should be met with necessary actions. Even if after you take those actions and it doesn’t come true, you would have at least tried your best. Just as the popular saying goes, “There’s no harm in trying.”

If you wish to become a footballer in life, then you must begin to act like one from the very start. You cannot wish to become a footballer in life and hate doing exercise. That will be contradicting what you wish for. Oh! If wishes were horses…

You must be ready to follow the path Dangote followed if you wish to become a successful business man like him.

Dangote worked for his money. It was not mere wish that got him there, so if you must become a success, you must be ready to work. A mere wish will take you nowhere.

I have met several people who have great wishes but the major problem they have is that they expect other people to do what they are supposed to do themselves.

It’s high time you changed if you’re that kind of person and you’re reading this today. Nothing good comes out of wishing alone without taking necessary actions to make what you wish for come true.

People who wish and do nothing about it never stop wishing while others make things happen.

The crux of this article is this: –

Don’t just wish but take necessary actions or steps to make your wish come true because that is what brings about success in life.

Is there anything you’re wishing for today? Are you going to make that wish come true or not? It is your call!

If wishes were horses…

Emmanuel Olatunji is a writer and a coach. He helps individuals gain clarity about their purpose in life so that they can lead an exceptional life. To achieve this, he organises a monthly masterclass on Whatsapp named Purpose Discovery Masterclass and he also run an online community on Facebook named The Exceptional  Being Academy 

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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