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A Talk With TiTi ‘The Dynamite’- The On-Air Personality With Big Dreams

You have seen her behind the MIC; photographed her on the red carpet; listened to her on the air waves; The beautiful lady with the soulful voice…Entrepreneur, Model, OAP and aspiring Talk Show Host, Titilayo Adelagun Oyinsan talks to Konnect Africa about growing up, family, Media and her plans for 2013. Enjoy!!!

TiTi The Dynamite

KA: To most people, you are TiTi of 92.3 Inspiration FM, but I am sure there is more to you than the obvious. Who is the person behind the brand?

TiTi: I am also COO of Amber11media where I undertake operations coordination, events, talent management and coordination, media project management and much more. I am an Audio Book Reader (Voice-over Artiste), Media Consultant and Wife…soon to be a Mother by God’s Grace.


KA: Amazing! With the heights you have attained, it is imperative that we know what or who provided the springboard for your success. Any mentors, role models?

TiTi: My Mother is one of them; she has been such an inspiration. I have also always looked up to my Aunty, Bola Adesola who has attained great heights in her career and still has time for family.


KA: I forget myself. Tell us about your childhood and growing years. What and where did you call home?

TiTi: Well, my family life was simple and content. My Parents live in Lagos. They have always wanted the best for my brother (only sibling) and I. I grew up in Britain but came back home to Nigeria for my Secondary education.


KA: Any childhood experiences that you will never forget? Whether it made or marred you?

TiTi: Moving Back to Naija made me stronger…it was a harsh transition for me since we moved straight to Mushin, Lagos from North London (Laughs); so you can imagine the change of environment.


KA: I can only guess! What is your field of study, and where did you train?

TiTi: I studied English Language at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and obtained a Post graduate Diploma in Broadcasting from the Pan African University in 2012.


KA: You have modelled extensively. Do tell us a bit about that- is it all that it is hyped to be? Why did you stop?

TiTi: Modelling for me was a fun means to an end. I really wanted a good education, and modelling paid for that. It took me 8 years to complete my tertiary education as a part time student in a Polytechnic and University, but it was all worth it in the end. The world of modelling is a harsh climate and not for the faint hearted. If you don’t like being told ‘No’, you probably can’t survive it.


KA: Its 2013, and you are an OAP; what other business or personal interests are you involved in, or looking to be involved in?

TiTi: I have recorded audiobooks for several Nigerian Authors …because I studied English Language and of course, I love reading so this is a joy for me to do. I also love talking childcare… ‘Your Baby and You’ is a radio show where Mummy Totland and I discuss childcare and mother care issues every Thursday morning by 10.30am.


KA: Talking about programs, do give us a run through of the programs you presently anchor.

TiTi: We have great programs on air, namely ‘Naija Women in Business’, where we discuss the issues women encounter in the private sector, starting a business, and managing a home. Also, ‘Titi and the Naija Sistas’ is the first ever on air Book Club where I record selected parts of Nigerian Books and interview the authors. We discuss the central theme of their work every Friday by 10.30am.


KA: You are clearly versatile- you have far spread talents, but we would like to know, is there an area of specialisation in any of these fields for you? What does TiTi’s heart truly long for?

TiTi: I long to get Back on TV…my Major Passion is for TV; I have starred in two Nigerian home videos and made cameo appearances in sit-coms as well as a lead role in ‘The Valley Between’ – a Soap Opera by award winning Producer/Director Tunji Bamishigbin. I have plans to produce my own Talk Show soon as God wills it. TV will always spark joy in my heart. I have learned so much from radio when it comes to confidence, projection as well public speaking and I can’t wait to light up the screens.


KA: You deliver the “Rock News” at HOTR- I take it that means you are a Believer?

TiTi: I am a strong Christian Believer. Rock News is a fun thing for me. I love being in front of the cameras…and also I get to do something for the Church as much as I can. I also see it as training for when CNN comes calling on me to be their Nigerian Correspondent! *wink*


KA: Interesting! Oh Please! I know my questions don plenty! How do you get ahead in the Media Industry? How does one even get in?

TiTi: Getting into Media is easy, but getting paid is hard. I have done quite a few Pro Bono jobs in the past but it all equals experience.


KA: I know you love your job, and I also know you are newlywed. *wink* How do you manage your home, job, businesses, social life and future propositions?

TiTi: Right now I put family first, but I also ensure that family is involved in most of what I do every day and never neglect them. I ask my hubby’s advice since he taught me so much about media in the first place and we both create opportunities for each other to shine…we both push each other onward.


KA: That’s so beautiful, a true synergy. Do inspire an African Youth in one sentence with your beautiful, soulful voice?

TiTi: Just don’t give up. Keep pushing, training and learning from other veterans.


KA: Thank you so much for letting us in. Give it up for TiTi!!!

TiTi: It’s been my pleasure, and thank you!



Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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  1. When you say give it up for Titi, do you mean we shld dash her all we have?. Kidding, enjoyed the interview to pieces K.A. Bravo.

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