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The Productive Mind- The Qualitative Life

The Productive Mind- The Qualitative Life

The mind is the master weaver of both the inner garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance. Ergo, the quality of your mind determines the quality of your life. Life is structured such that the things in and around you wait on and respond to your mind. That is why no one can rise above the level of their thoughts.

The mind is a magnet; attracting per time the equivalent of its most dominant thoughts. It is so powerful that it activates forces to bring to reality that which you most often think of. That is why your reality is more shaped by your mind than by happenstance. Research has shown that 70% of illnesses are products of mind disorders.

It is worthy of note that the wealthiest nations [and people] are those who deal in mind resource – ideas – not those who deal in natural resources. Ideas are so potent they birth connection[s] and capital.

How do you make your mind productive?

 1.      Take charge of your mind:

Discipline your mind: consistently fight negative thoughts with positive information from God’s word.

Take charge – those who take care never get anywhere!

2.      Change your thought life:

You alter your life to the degree to which you alter your thoughts!

To change your life, change your thinking – the future you cannot mentally picture you cannot physically feature in.

3.      Dare to imagine:

Give your mind wings to fly!

The poor man is the one devoid of ideas – every tangible thing on earth first existed in someone’s mind.


The mind is a garden, which is either building up or breaking down. Cultivate it intelligently and deliberately [to bring good fruits]. There are no limitations anywhere except the ones – you permit – in your mind!

Never ever allow your mind vegetate or run wild: consciously and conscientiously put it to productive use. See you at the top!

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