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The #IKnowaNigerianStar Writing Competition…Entries Close 15th October!!!

IKnowaNigerianStar Writing Competition

We at Konnect Africa, the publishers of, an online, pan-African magazine that celebrates Africa and the great achievements of Africans in this era are delighted to announce our first (1st) Writing Competition with the Topic – “I Know a Nigerian Star” which opened 1st October, 2013!!!

Do you know a Nigerian ‘Star’? Then, submit an original article about an individual who is MAD [making a difference] around you: in your community, school, workplace, marketplace, locale or state. It is your turn to have a go at inspiring Nigerians and Africans at large, and celebrating the Stars that you encounter on a daily basis.

Entry Requirements are:

1.    Submissions must not be less than 500 words or above 1000 words.

2.    It must be the original work of the author and include at least one picture and the contact details of the ‘Star’.

3.    Your ‘Star’ cannot include any person(s) already featured on

4.    Kindly ensure that your submission is accompanied by a short profile of you.

A Few Tips: Your entries will be judged based on:

Originality, Creativity and the amount of credible information you have about your ‘Star.’ You can thank us later because the judges are:

Ø  Alibaba Akporobome: Ace Comedian, Creativity Addict, MC and Writer.


Ø  Chika Oduah: International Journalist.

Chika Oduah 1

Ø  Bola Essien-Nelson: Blogger and Author of the ‘Desperate Naija Woman’ Diaries and True Confession.

Bola 4

samsung_galaxy_note_8The First (1st) Prize winner will smile away with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet, while the 2nd and 3rd prize winners will win one A2W Verizon Tab each. In addition, the winning submissions will be published and promoted on

VerizonYou can’t wait to start writing, yeah? Just be sure to forward your finished product to, with the subject heading, ‘I Know a Nigerian Star,’ on or before Tuesday, 15th October, 2013; [which also happens to be our one year anniversary!!!]. Winners will be announced November 1, 2013, on

*By submitting articles for this competition, candidates give KonnectAfrica.Net the right to reproduce and distribute the article in printed, electronic or any other medium; and to edit as is deemed appropriate, while duly recognising its author.

*This edition of the Competition is only open to those who are resident in Nigeria. Our fans in Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Somalia etc. should watch out as future editions of this competition will be coming to other countries in Africa soon.

Got any questions? You can write it in the comments section below and you will be answered promptly. You can also send an email to, connect with us on twitter @konnect_africa and Facebook on

Enough talk already! Get writing, and let’s celebrate our Nigerian Stars as Nigeria turns 53!

This Competition is sponsored by Avenues to Wealth, IzyAir Ltd and the Sahara Foundation.

Sponsors Part 2


FAQS on the #IKnowaNigerianStar Competition

Konnect Africa
Konnect Africa
A Pan-African inspirational magazine that promotes innovation and development in Africa by sharing Africa's success stories and showcasing African talents in Governance, Entrepreneurship, Business, Technology, Energy, Fashion, Sports, Education, Arts and Culture. Follow us as we inspire Africans everywhere.

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    • Hello Olubunmi,

      A scan of our ‘Stars in Africa’ column, and ‘Interview’ column should quickly help you know those who have been featured on Thank you so much, more power to your pen!

  1. How do we post the pictures? Do we attach them to the Article or do like a magazine publication? And when you say “Original work of the Author” are u making reference to the one that wrote the article? Can u please explain #2 of the Entry Requirements? Thank you.

    • Hi Tricia,
      You can attach the pictures to the article, or rather, to your email to

      To your second question, we mean that your submission must be your original work, and not something you copied and pasted from some website or publication. Hope my answers are of help to you, Tricia.

      Here is wishing you all the best. Cheers.

    • Yes, Lynda,

      The Winners will come to receive their prizes. But if for some strong reasons a certain Winner is not available, then we will have to be notified and a representative will have to pick up the prize.

      That said, we will really prefer to meet with our Winners. They are Nigerian stars, you know…*wink*wink*

  2. Good morning… I just received a mailer demon message today (17th) that the message I sent on the 15th( the essay) has not been delivered. But When I sent it, the message was transfered to my “sent” folder. Please is there still anything I can do to get my essay accross? And also, Am I supposed to get any confirmation message after a successful submission?
    Thanks for Your previous reply, expecting another.

    • Hi Prisca,
      Sorry about the mailer daemon.
      You have nothing to worry about because we got your submission. So that you know that we got it, you are a student of University of Port Harcourt and your Nigerian star is a certain young Editor.
      Here is wishing you all the best as our Judges take a closer look at the entries.


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