Thursday, October 5, 2023
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#IKnowANigerianStar Writing Competition FAQs

Hello Konnect Africans,

Today is the 9th of October[Like you didn’t know] so you have got exactly 7 days to send in your entries! Below are some of the inquiries we have gotten so far>>>



1. What format should the article be sent in?

It should be in Word format and not powerpoint and sent via email to

2. Can people not resident in Nigeria participate?

Yes they can as long as they also provide a Nigerian resident to accept/collect the prizes on their behalf. This is our latest stance on this matter. We apologise for any confusion.

3. Can we write about posthumous stars?

Yes you can!

4. Can we write about ourselves?

Yes you may! You are a star, and who can tell your story better than you?

5. How many entries can we send in?

As many as possible! No limits!

6. Can we send in entries without pictures?

Sure you can; pictures would be preferable but we understand that you may not have access to the pictures you need in some cases.

7. How do we know those we can’t write about?

You are only exempted from writing about those individuals who have already been featured on the site. You can scroll through our Stars in Africa column or Interview section to discover those we have featured. As a last resort, you may tweet at us on @konnect_africa or send an email to to verify.


In case you forgot [big smile], the prizes are:

#IKnowaNigerianStar1st Prize
#IKnowaNigerianStar1st Prize
#IKnowaNigerianStar 2nd&3rd Prize
#IKnowaNigerianStar 2nd&3rd Prize

Entries are already coming in, so #Don’tDull! For more details >>>#IKnowaNigerianStar


Thank you!!!

Konnect Africa
Konnect Africa
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  1. Can we write on people that are already famous\ not so famous? and do we have to write on people we’ve met? Can we write on those that have featured on other blogs?

    • Hi Bella,

      Good question. You can write on anybody. It doesn’t matter whether they are famous or not so famous. For us, the only condition is that you don’t write about someone we have already featured on

      Who inspires you? Whose life has challenged you? Which personality is impacting the lives of Nigerians around you? Write about that person.

      Wishing you all the best. Cheers.

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