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Ronald Nzimora’s Ingenious Key to Employee Fulfillment: Work Here But Have a Side Hustle

Ronald Nzimora's Ingenious Key to Employee Fulfillment

Have you ever imagined a workplace where you draw a salary for work done yet you have enough time to run your own business on the side without fear of official query? Then, Ronald Nzimora’s Ingenious Key to Employee Fulfillment should interest you.

In a tweet from his verified twitter handle, Nzimora insists everybody who works in his company is allowed to do a business on the side.

As far as he is concerned, educational qualification is not a basic prerequisite for employment in the company.

Ronald Nzimora who runs Digital Nexus Interactive as well as Buy Well Properties Ltd, and also authored the book – I Will Teach You Business, also added that the company offers a guide from inception to profitability, for everyone who chooses to start a side hustle.

He tweeted thus:

“Everybody in our company was employed without recourse to their degrees.

“Everybody in our company is allowed to do a business on the side AND we help them get it up, running and profitable.

“Everybody in our company is treated as equals.

“You can ask them, they’re all here.”

This model, if employed by other employers, could be a model for awakening the entrepreneurial spirit and be a massive boost for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME).

Now that you know about Ronald Nzimora’s Ingenious Key to Employee Fulfillment, tell us, what are your views on employee fulfillment? What’s your preferred approach in your business?

Ronald Nzimora, CEO of Profit Marketing Solutions, is on Facebook and can also be reached here.

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