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Brand King: Cleavage Over Principle

Brand King: Cleavage Over PrincipleBrand King: Cleavage Over Principle

Sexy breasts and nipPLES are more valuable than brains and principLES, these days. And that’s why more Nigerians on DSTV watched Big Brother Africa than CNN. And that’s how we got here.

That’s why you pay for V.VIP for a D’Banj show and think that a class or book is too expensive.

She wants a sound and responsible guy, she’s fine, she has a wardrobe of designer clothes, but no library or a book of her own.
And then, we stumbled upon CNN while searching for MTV, and I asked her if she knows what’s happening in Syria, and she asked me, “do you mean cereal”?

I’m coming…

I asked my cousin the last time he read a book, and he said “before the ASUU strike”.

At 4 points by Sheraton yesterday, someone offered to buy me an over priced bottle of Moet’s Rose Champagne, he said he’s been a follower, and in turn, asked for a discount for the Hexavian Masterclass. I laughed and asked him, so when you popped this third champagne, did you ask for a discount?

And that explains what’s happening…

No matter what you have, you are what you value more. Poor People going NOWHERE value entertainment, people growing RICH value education.

America is the entertainment capital of the world, with trillions of dollars in debt. China is the industrial capital of the world with the fastest growing economy. America or China, which is the model?

We can get it right:

Trust me, there’s a huge potential here, even in a growing country of 150 million people managed by mediocre and leaders of nuisance value, if ONLY you and your team can stand out, we can go further ahead as we’re building minds, businesses, people and brands.

The revolution is here.

Empty your pocket in your brain and future.

Invest here:

The Hexavian Masterclass; a Class on Business, Brand, Strategy and Project Management

Call 08035202891, Ping: 2A459D63

We are Hexavia!
Go further ahead..

Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma is the Founder, Lead Consultant and Strategist at Hexavian Group Ltd, a brand management and business consultancy company which has built over a 100 businesses in Nigeria as well as powerful brands in Africa. He is also the Co-founder of Foundation 360 and Initiator/Facilitator of the Potters Lounge Ikoyi. Contact him via Blackberry PINS: 293030EF, 25AED290 or call 23408035202891, 23408022129684, or send an email to

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