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Leke Alder – Letter to Jack: How To Be A Cool Dude

Leke Alder How To Be A Cool Dude
Hello Friends,

Hope our ladies in the house earn a lot from yesterday’s Letter to Jil from Uncle Leke Alder which was titled “Baby Mama.

Today is for the Guys. Many young folks desire to be cool. Jackson inclusive. He longs to be the Cool Guy in the hood. And these questions keep running through his mind – what is cool? what is not so cool? Uncle Leke Alder steps in and explains to him what it really means to be a Cool Dude. Some paradigm shift ahead, Friends. Read on…

I just love and totally agree with what He said in Tweet No. 57 – “You don’t need the validation of others to be worthy. You’re already valuable. Stay true to yourself”. This is so so true and so so cool *wink*wink*

Never sell yourself short. You have a great future ahead of you.


Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechihttps://kadigest.com
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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