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Konnect Africa Comedy: Local Content

This here is on a lighter note, to ease tension.

It is what [the writer supposes (or wishes), you decide] would be the Pidgin English version of some popular sayings in the English Language.

Konnect Africa Comedy

Hopefully it will help you combat stress…

1. He who fights and runs away…Na fear catch am.

2. A rolling stone…No just dey roll, na person push am.

3. He who lives in a glass house…Na im pepe rest.

4. A stitch in time…dey prevent further tear tear.

5. Birds of the same feather…na di same mama born dem.

6. One good turn…na correct power steering bi that.

7. A bird in hand…wetin e wan bi again if no bi barbeque?

8. A bird in hand…go shit for ya hand.

9. Half bread…is better than buns or puff puff.

10. The journey of a thousand miles…Ol’ boy e beta make u go airport go enter aeroplane.

11. The patient dog…Na hunger go kill am.

12. The patient dog…Dey only chop wetin smart ones remain.

13. All work and no play…Na Banker bi dat.

14. Slow and steady…No bi di one u go carry candle dey find finish line..

15. He who laughs last…na mumu. Why? E no catch di joke di 1st time wen others dey laugh!



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