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Le Projet Ecoute Founder, Kadija Naima Toure on Africa, Success and Making a Difference

Kadija Naima Toure is the Founder of Le ProjetEcoute and is on a mission to equip African children, their families/care givers and societies at large with the knowledge and tools to prevent sexual violence against children, thereby raising awareness to its extent.

She shares her thoughts on Africa, Success and Making a difference. Click here to read her interview with us and discover the steps to making dreams come alive.

Kadija Naima Toure

KA: You chose to make a difference in Africa because…

I AM AFRICA, as cheesy as this may sound.

 KA: Most important tip for remaining successful?

Do not be afraid to admit not knowing.


KA: If you could change one thing about your life/past, what would it be?

I would have come back home sooner.

KA: How do you keep motivated in the face of failure/disappointment?

I am a Muslim; I believe that all  (The good and the bad) is part of a master plan.

KA: Time-management tips?

Just do it!

Kadija Naima Le project ecoute

KA: Best way to translate dreams to reality?

Just do it!

KA: What is your greatest achievement to date?

Starting Le Projet Ecoute.

KA: Women must arise and take a stand because…

It is only fair. We live in a world with more women than men; women are as capable as men so it is only fair that we (as women) do our part.

KA: A decade onward, you will be?

Probably advocating for child rights all around the world.

KA: Africa will truly rise when…

Africans stop making excuses. When innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship are taught right and early in all our educational systems.

To Contact Kadija Naïma Touré: 

U.S: +1 612-53*****| Guinea: +224-660-83-0000 |


Twitter: @leprojetecoute  Instagram: Leprojetecoute

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