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Engineer Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola is a Nigerian Star.

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Engineer Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola

Suddenly, he was elected the governor of The State of Osun, and after a series of doubt, he mounted the pulpit and performed terrifically. He is an icon, who needs a second chance as a governor in this state. This man of prophesy has put smiles on our faces, such that sometimes, I wake up wishing all these new developments, are not just mere phantasy which I build up in my dream.

First, he created employment opportunities to agile youths in the state: employing ten thousand youths in the “O-yes” and “Oclean” innovations. These two-in-one innovations, were aimed at tidying up the surrounding, beautifying the environment and ultimately making the state a place to behold even by tourists.

Furthermore, he catalysed farmers, and geared them back to the field through the“O-reap” scheme aimed at providing more funds in encouraging large scale and mechanized farming; not only that, but also distributing tractors and other mechanize equipment to farmers within the state. The greatness didn’t end there, he also made an appeal in Abuja, and specifically cited the Ife Dam Project, still yearning for completion apart from the already completed Ilesha Dam, which has been, with no doubt, supplying enough portable water. This has also made farming possible in large scale even in dry season, isn’t this wonderful?

In addition, he made the railway transporting system more efficacious, breathing life into the dead trains and railways within the state. The railway transport reduces losses of lives, property and goods sold especially by traders. He is currently embarking on the ‘dualization’ of all major roads within the State. This, would foster industrialization and would also bring investors from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria!


Through the same vein, he has given standards to the low-esteemed schools within the state, and thanks to him, a bright hope for education reforms at the wake of the activities of this incumbent administration in The State of Osun. As the political temperature for 2014 governorship election heightens in Osun State, the governor has continued with his landmark achievements, which to many, are pointers to Osun SURE-P (Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme). He commissioned Salvation Army Middle School, Alekuwodo, Osogbo, Nigeria; this adds up to the one hundred elementary, fifty middle, and twenty high schools being built under the “O-school” initiative

Moreover, he launched the, Omoluabi Boys and Girls Club, which is guaranteed to change the lives of many youths positively: bringing out the best in them, and totally ensuring a brighter future for our youths!

Evidently, saying all that he has done, all he is doing; those yet to be done, is like we counting every drop that makes up an ocean, can we?


Nigeria, as a whole, can be primus inter pares non secundum (first among equals; second to none), if great minded people, can be retained in the political sector of Nigeria, a land that flows with milk and honey! I am convinced without any rethink that these developments in Osun State, are harbingers to a positive change in Nigeria in all ramifications

Conclusively, there would be no honour if the name the prophesy-man, that has stolen every Osun State indigene’s heart, is not mentioned. If I am to take it so personally, I would say, in just five words that, “he is my Nigerian star “. His name is, Engineer Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola; with him as governor, all I can say is, “Osun adaara (Osun State would be great!!!)”.


This “I Know A Nigerian Star” Story was submitted by…

Oladokun Olawale Samuel, a 200 level Pharmacy student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife, osun state, Nigeria.

You can contact him via:


Phone- +234-08136912832



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Contributing Writer
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