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Brand King: Timeless Principles from Outstanding Entrepreneurs


Some business principles will never get outdated. A few from world-class entrepreneurs.

Cornelius Vanderbilt: Ships and Railroad

  • Improve the lot of people with your idea.
  • Prices should always come down.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Stop substandard, outdated & expensive services.
  • Give your customers innovation and value for money.

John Jacob Astor: Fur and Property

  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Pay close attention to customer’s needs and promote innovation as means to increase profitability.

Steven Case: AOL

  • Make your product or service more interesting, more fun, and more affordable so that it will attract broader audience.

Michael Dell: Dell computers

  • Keep low inventory, build to order, sell direct to customers.
  • Create value, select right market, stay focused on a clear business model and execute.
  • Ask customers for feedback.

Thomas Alva Edison: Electric Company

  • Always innovate, no matter who started the product strive for perfection with that product. “The light bulb”.

Henry Ford: Ford Motors

  • Anything founded on the idea of the greatest good for the greatest number will win in the end.

Milton Snavely Hershey: Chocolate Bars

  • At all cost, strive to always perfect your product.

Herb Kelleher: South West Airline

  • Keep customers happy, keep costs down.
  • Provide excellent customer care, and better employee care.

Ray Kroc: McDonalds

  • Quality, value, cleanliness & service.

Konosuike Matsushita: National Panasonic

  • Service to the public
  • Fairness and honesty
  • Teamwork for the common cause
  • Untiring effort for improvement
  • Courtesy and humility
  • Accord to natural laws
  • Gratitude for blessings

Eiji Toyoda: Toyota

  • Just in time production
  • Quality, responsibility & efficiency
  • Value stream

Thomas J. Watson: IBM

  • Keep customers happy and more people will buy your product on recommendation.
  • Excellent customer service.

People that started their life in work and business at an early age:

John Jacob Astor 21 Died as America’s richest man
Warren Buffet 6 21 One of the richest people in the world right now
Andrew Carnegie 12 35 Died one of the richest of all time
Michael Dell 12 19 Youngest C.E.O ever of a fortune 500 company
Walt Disney 7 21 Pioneered the cartoon as entertainment
George Eastman 14 21 Reduced photography to simple product
Bill Gates 18 22 Presently the richest man alive
Soichiro Honda 15 22 Founded one of the most popular automobile companies
Konosuike Matsushita 9 34
Steve Jobs 19 29 One of the greatest technology entrepreneurs ever until his death.

Did You Know That:

  • Akio Morita, founder of Sony Electronics passed up the opportunity to lead an easy and secure life at the helm of the family sake business, as the head of the family’s rice-brewing business which had passed on for 14 generations?
  • By the age of 14, Buffet had accumulated enough money to buy 400 acres of farmland which he leased back to farmers; now in his 70s he is a multi-billionaire. Need I say more?

Best regards,

Eizu Uwaoma

For The Hexavian Team

Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma is the Founder, Lead Consultant and Strategist at Hexavian Group Ltd, a brand management and business consultancy company which has built over a 100 businesses in Nigeria as well as powerful brands in Africa. He is also the Co-founder of Foundation 360 and Initiator/Facilitator of the Potters Lounge Ikoyi. Contact him via Blackberry PINS: 293030EF, 25AED290 or call 23408035202891, 23408022129684, or send an email to

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