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Brand King: FACT versus OPINION


At Harvard, a young boy by the name of Mark was suspended. They said he violated the rules in starting an idea. Deeply passionate about his idea, he left “their Harvard” to follow that idea. That idea became a multi-billion dollar intangible product and brand, it’s called Facebook!

Today, the same school that suspended Mark for Facebook (Harvard) pays him to have and promote “a Facebook page”!

The Lessons:

Don’t let anyone shrink your big dreams into the small frames of reality.

Opinions Vs Facts:

Opinions suggest that you can’t, the fact is that you can!

Everyone has a right to an opinion. And opinions are relative. In the words of the American conscious rapper, Talib Kweli, “You can have your own opinions but not your own facts”.

Understand the different opinions, noise, voice and facts for out them, you create strategy!

When it comes to thoughts and life, don’t let the outer noise (opinions) drown the inner voice (facts). Listen to the noise, but pay attention to the voice.

When it comes to business, follow the words of Socrates, “know thyself” and then others. It’s a subset of Competitive Complexity.

Competitive Complexity alongside Delphi Technique is a case study tool we use at Hexavia to analyse trends, business culture and structure of other people, systems, market and processes in order to model solutions.

It’s teachable, same as business and success.

Having built over 50 businesses for clients in the last few years, so we are in, to offer what we effortlessly do.


It has 4 modules, business, brand, strategy and project management.

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Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma is the Founder, Lead Consultant and Strategist at Hexavian Group Ltd, a brand management and business consultancy company which has built over a 100 businesses in Nigeria as well as powerful brands in Africa. He is also the Co-founder of Foundation 360 and Initiator/Facilitator of the Potters Lounge Ikoyi. Contact him via Blackberry PINS: 293030EF, 25AED290 or call 23408035202891, 23408022129684, or send an email to

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