Sunday, October 1, 2023
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24 Amazing Quotes on ‘Making A Difference”

Some are  M-A-D. Not literally now, but they are Making a Difference in the places of work, schools, places of worship and in their communities.. Here is a nice little collection of  “Making a Difference” to spur them on to greater works and inspire those sitting by the corner to rise up and start M-A-D.

24 Amazing Quotes on Making A Difference

At the end of the day…

Carlos Santana

Go Mad...




I alone can't ….Making-a-difference

I always wondered why somebody...

It's not about being diff

Jane Goodall Make-difference-quotes-Making-a-difference-quotes


John Francis


Mosquito MAD

Mother Theresa_SmallThingsWithGreatLove never underestmate

nobody can do everything...

Starfish MAD

Start where you are… Arthur Ashe

We can talk about making a difference or ...

Whatever you do do it with love

Winston Churchhill MAD

You can if you try


You don't need to save the world you-can-make-a-difference


Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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