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A Konnect Africa Interview with OAP Tosyn Bucknor; the Undisputed Area Boss!!!

Areaaaaaaaaa!!! That’s the catch phrase for aficionados of the morning belt on Top radio 90.9 in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos, and Tosyn is the person behind the brand. On-air personality, music artiste, script writer, actress and TV host, the one and only Tosyn Bucknor is set to straddle and dominate the media and entertainment industry in its entirety.

What’s her recipe for success? How does she find time to fulfil her passions while still maintaining an entertaining persona at her regular radio show? What are her plans for the future? All these and many more are answered in this exclusive interview with Konnect Africa.

 Tosyn Bucknor

KA: How did you come by your moniker, Area Boss?

Tosyn: I do a traffic report segment as part of my morning show and I always ask people to tell me what’s going on in their ‘Areaaaa’. So for the duration of that segment daily, I am the Area Boss.

KA: How did you get started as an OAP?

Tosyn: I have always wanted avenues to promote artistes and other causes, so I always had ideas for broadcast. When I heard about a new station opening, I went to see about getting some airtime for a show of mine. During our chat, my boss said he liked my energy and asked if I would be able to handle the morning belt. I was scared but I said ‘yes’. The rest is history. [Talk about being proactive!]

tosyn 4

KA: Tell us a bit about your TV career, the most recent being 3 Live chicks?

Tosyn: Movies and TV have actually been my first love. I’ve always wanted to be on the screen- small and big.I have acted on ‘Tinsel’ and ‘Now We Are Married’, and also written and acted as a content producer for loads of shows including ‘Apprentice Africa’, ‘Nigeria’s Got Talent’, ‘Amstel Malta Box Office’, ‘Citi Sistas’, ‘About to Wed’, ‘My Mum and I’ and more. 3 Live Chicks’ is an interactive show with three hosts- Oreka ‘Rhecks’ Godis, Anita ‘Omalicha’ and myself; we chat with guests and have a lot of fun along the way! It airs on Fridays on Silverbird Television at 8pm.

KA: A sneak peek into your imminent job with the spanking new Ebony life TV?

Tosyn: That’s an exciting one! I will be working as a Lagos correspondent for Ebony Life TV, contributing pieces for ‘EL Now’ and possibly other shows.

Tosyn 2

KA: How has your music career fared so far?

Tosyn: It’s been interesting. I may not be seen as commercially successful but it’s been an interesting ride. To think I’ve worked with everyone from Cobhams to Tintin to Knighthouse to Coldflames to Micworx and artistes like Skales, Rooftop MCs, Eva and Sound Sultan! I have an album out and I am currently working on a second one. I’m blessed!

KA: You have been able to engage in practically all aspects of media entertainment…do tell us your coping tips?

Tosyn: I just give unto Caesar what is Caesar and won’t rob Peter to pay Paul.

 tosyn 3

KA: …Especially when it seems like you are everywhere and yet maintain a regular job as an OAP at Top radio?

Tosyn: Exactly! Thankfully, media and entertainment is a flexible field. I do my morning show Monday to Friday till 11am then go for auditions, act, and record songs, rehearse, go for meetings, train, etc; I work during my leave days as opposed to taking a holiday; but I also ensure I rest as much as I can.

KA: What, if any challenges have you encountered thus far? Was there any familial pressure to do other more streamlined things?

Tosyn: My Dad is a musician, and my mum is an entrepreneur. I doubt they’d expect me to do anything else but be a media and entertainment mogul. Challenges I face include not having enough hours in a day, sometimes being lazy, struggling to get a good team to work with, and being judged more on how I look than what I can do.

tosyn 5

KA: What was childhood for you? Any fond memories? What’s your ethnicity? Oh yes, your birthday too?

Tosyn: Growing up was great. One of my fondest memories is the one where my Mum would make ‘agbo’ for us to drink; then my Dad would take us out for ice cream after. It felt like a great division of labour and show of love.

My birthday is 15th August.

KA: I know you are Queen’s College Yaba, Lagos alumni; where did you undertake your tertiary education?

Tosyn: I studied Law at the University of Lagos.

KA: What’s Tosyn’s goal for say, a decade from now?

Tosyn: Happiness! And oh, I would probably be hosting my own show by then.

KA: Kindly share some industry secrets with us…what does it take to embrace media and entertainment the way you have?

Tosyn: – Determination- Inner strength- Having your own voice- Passion- A bit of stubbornness- Lots of patience.

 tosyn 6

KA: Did you have to undergo further training or does a media personality come fully made?

Tosyn: Oh you have to take courses and all. I studied law so I do want to take a course in media training; especially since I giggle a lot on air.

KA: Advice for Media and Entertainment hopefuls?

Tosyn: Find your voice!

KA: Life for Tosyn is?

Tosyn: Worth living.

KA: Inspire an African youth with one sentence.

Tosyn: Be you; fiercely and firmly so.

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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