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Ultimate Marketing Mastery: What People Are Saying about the Class

Product Name: Ultimate Marketing Mastery Training

Location : Lagos, Nigeria

Product Creator: SM Learning Development

Price: N40,000, 25% Discount To Early Birds If Payment is made  before August 1, 2015

Our Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

Hi, My name is ARISE. Thanks for stopping by. Have you checked out my review of the Ultimate Marketing Mastery – Lagos Nigeria? 

Testimonials on the Ultimate Marketing Mastery Class

Today I would like to share with you some testimonials from the May 2015 Class of this uncommon Ultimate Marketing Class. Okay, here is the first one

“Ultimate Marketing Mastery™ was such a wonderful experience for me. It expanded my understanding of marketing on a broader scale. The caliber of minds gathered in that room created such a great force that would force anyone present to want to go ahead and succeed in business.

It’s a must attend for any entrepreneur or top management employee that want to take their business to the next level. Wonderful job SM Learning Development.”

Prince Falohun A. Joseph.
CEO, Guaranteed Success Enterprise

Testimonials on the Ultimate Marketing Mastery

Here is another testimonial as to the quality of the Class:-

“I had a great pleasure of attending the maiden edition of Ultimate Marketing Mastery Class organized by SM Learning Development. The class was exciting, revealing, and resourceful. I feel in-depted to the SM Learning Development Team because the value I got from this class is not consummate to the cost.

I recommend Ultimate Marketing Mastery Class to any business executive interested in making the most of their marketing tools with the least resources available. You will find this class handy.”

– Brown Uzoukwu
Vice President, Marina Group

Another participant of the Class had this to say:

“Of all seminars and trainings I have attended recently, Ultimate Marketing Mastery™ gave me the most strategic and applicable solutions to my long-held marketing worries. To be quite empirical, it was much of overhauling several business challenges and much more providing smart business principles for success. Today our systems are running better. More grace to SM Learning Development.”

– Okoli Gideon
CEO, Gidestar Communications Ltd

More testimonials are here. You just have to read this one!

“The Last time we had SM Learning Development at out office for a marketing and sales training, they made us laugh, think, and do things differently. The SM Learning Development style is a real good one if you want your organization to maximize its productivity in a fun way – that is, doing the job and enjoying it all the way.”

– Itohan Udoffa
Strategy, Davo Dani MicroFinance Bank Ltd

Finally, yours truly has also attended the Class. Here is what I have to say about the Ultimate Marketing Mastery Course: –

“The Ultimate Marketing Mastery Class is very insightful, highly interactive and deeply thought-provoking. This class will definitely make any company re-think their marketing strategy in this social era. Loaded content. Well delivered.”

Remember My Ultimate Marketing Mastery Bonus>>>

I have come up with GREAT bonuses that will DEFINITELY give you an advantage when you sign-up for the Ultimate Marketing Mastery Training via KonnectAfrica.Net.

  • Bonus No.1 – An amazing e-book titled “101 Instant Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business” By Markus Allen.

Simply opening this book gives you a clear advantage over your competition. You’re taking the next step to growing your business while they complain about how tough it is to find more business.

  • Bonus No.2 – Five (5) Thought-Provoking e-Books written by Seth Godin, American best-selling author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker..
    • Purple Cow – Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable
    • Unleashing The Ideavirus
    • The Bootstrapper’s Bible
    • Pushing Through The Dip – How To Become The Best in The Word
    • Flipping The Funnel – Give Your Fans The Power to Speak Up

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take action!

>>> So, sign up for Ultimate Marketing Mastery by contacting me via a call / a text / whatsapp message on this number +234-803-379-6750.

You will get your bonus when you pay and your payment is confirmed.

Remember, you can reach me on +234-803-379-6750 with your questions. You can also fill the form below and make payment in order to get the bonuses.

Talk to you soon. Don’t be afraid to ask me any question. Cheers!


Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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