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Uduak Ubak’s Blog: One Way To Make The Most of 2016

Happy New year

It’s 2016! I thank God we are alive to see this great year.

January as usual comes with –

– emotional reactions to seeing the new year… “yeah we made it…”

–  many many pledges and resolutions… “I must lose 15kg this year”

–  prophetic declarations for the year… “My year of double honour”

–  and of course the ubiquitous national predictions…  some fortune tellers predicting the best year ever and of course the inevitable naysayers and their “dooms day” predictions. (Maybe dependent on their political affiliations, I don’t know)

In between all of this is ‘us’ trying to plan what we will do differently to ensure our new year resolutions do not end as mere resolutions.

A new year is always an opportunity to start afresh, to dream again, to reset and let go. By now most people would be done with reflecting on the past year… It’s okay if we didn’t achieve as much as we would have loved to or even if we exceeded our expectations, it’s still always a good opportunity to set fresh goals, build on our past experiences and get set to exceed previous performance levels.

If you had a ‘so so’ 2015, see this year as a brand new opportunity to achieve all you set your minds to do. For some who had a successful 2015, don’t let that hold you back, there is so much more you can achieve.

There’s also the critical part of letting go which isn’t usually easy but leaves us better off. That is forgiveness. It’s been said that forgiveness is like setting someone free and realizing that the person you set free is you.



When we live in unforgiveness, we are constantly angry and bitter. Physicians say this isn’t particularly good for one’s health. Research has also confirmed that some chronic illnesses stem from prolonged anger and bitterness. So, this is an opportunity to start afresh! Let go, forgive, forget and get along.

I heard someone say his plan for this year is to forgive ahead of time, even before the offence is committed, they are forgiven already. Let’s make this New year about better relationships.

Whatsoever your plans are for this year, I pray you have a wonderful year filled with loads of God’s blessings for your life. Amen.

Happy new year!

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