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Tosyn Abisona Bucknor is an Amazing Nigerian Woman

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Nigerian women now venture into the world and are not afraid to make a difference, as opposed to times when it was expected of them to just sit at home and make do with whatever they got from the men. I see too many hardworking Nigerian women who are not even anywhere near quitting.

For me, my most inspiring and motivational Nigerian woman is someone whose energy I have always admired over the years. Her name is Tosyn Abisona Bucknor. People say ‘Jack of all trade is a master of none’ but i believe this saying is quite wrong when it comes to her scenario.

Describing her in this manner, one would think i know every single detail of her life personally, but that is not the case. Although I have seen her at few places a couple of times, there has never been an opportunity for any lengthy conversations or chit-chats, but I must confess that I really admire her strength.

While going to work one morning and stuck in traffic as usual, i decided to tune in to the radio on my mobile phone to listen to some good music so as to ease off the traffic-induced frustration. I tuned in to Top radio 90.9 and i heard a voice energetically screaming “Areaaaa! top of the morning to you guys.” How could someone be that hyper in the morning while the rest of us are not yet even fully awake?.

With time and constant listening, I found out that the name of the show was ‘top of the morning with tosyn bucknor.’ This stress-relieving show runs from 6a.m to 11.00am through Monday to Friday, I must commend Tosyn for waking up and being at the radio station that early to give lagosians feedback on traffic reports and happenings at different areas. I find her sense of humour really plausible as she cracks jokes effortlessly during the reports.

After listening to her television interview one day, I found out that apart from being a radio host, there was more to this lady. A sentence she made which still strikes me to this day is “we only live once, but if we live well, once is enough.” Tosyn studied Law in the university, then moved on to become a singer with a special genre of music, and her stage name as CON.tra.diction. She is also a blogger, writer, poet and actress.

The other two aspects of her life, strongly accounts as my reason for nominating as her amazing Nigerian woman. Tosyn runs a social network called S.H.A.R.E which means Souls Have a Right to express which she uses to create an avenue for young people to meet, interact and discuss everyday issues, this forum has helped in springing up new ideas today.

She also revealed how she was born with the sickle cell gene, but fought to stay alive despite all the depressing and traumatic episodes. She did something which I could refer to as ‘unselfish’. Tosyn founded a sickle cell project called ‘THESE GENES’ which was designed in a bid to educate and inspire loved ones and people living with this disease.

As we know, some people would rather not bring up topics concerning the sickle cell disease, but with this platform, she has created an opportunity for people to share experiences which they cannot discuss with just anybody. She was able to raise funds for this project through her jeans for genes fashion exhibition. She has helped to create not just awareness, but also better understanding and management of the disease.

Tosyn 1Looking at Tosyn’s life, I believe anyone can achieve whatever they set their mind to. I count her as an amazing Nigerian woman, because she did not allow herself get restricted by any limitations, she always finds a way to create and share happiness. I believe good people should always be appreciated while they are still alive.


ILOZUMBA PRISCA CHINONYE is a pharmacist who lives in Lagos State. She love people who are able to make time for others in between their busy schedules. She also hopes to make a change in Nigeria someday. She can be reached via her email  –

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  1. I like this….. Wow, she has come a.long way…living with the sickle cell gene isn’t easy….kudos to her strength of will

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