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To Each Man His Own Race…

David Radisha - Gold Medalist and New World Record Holder in the 800 metres

We are all called to participate in Life; an Olympics-styled existence where the sporting challenges are numerous, and where every one is a potential world champion. There’s the common event where some are required to sprint to the tape, in preferably record time. There’s the event which calls for endurance and perseverance in order to make it to the finish line. In other events we are asked to jump, to throw, to pull, push or shove. Some require that we sit quietly, studying our opponents’ every move, or that we steady our aim and hit the target.

Kiprotich - Ugandan Gold Medalist

It should be clear by now that the Game of Life is indeed unique. Many will tell you that if asked to run their races alone, with no knowledge of their competitors, they probably won’t push as hard, or beat themselves up even if they lost the round. But knowing your competition changes the dynamics of the game. As we often find in life, we are easily tempted to compare our selves with others. We complain about our lot because see others, whose personal “event at the Olympics” we know nothing about. We set time frames for achievement, using the yardsticks of another man’s accomplishment or society’s expectations. We fail to realize that quite unlike the events that held in London, the Olympics of Life will be judged separately and uniquely for each individual. That is to say, that while our challenges may appear similar, we have nothing else in common other than the eventual Judge of our efforts.

Give it a thought and you will find that the issues that most easily depress you are the ones which stem from what others seem to have achieved with ease. We have the basics of life, but the fact that we aren’t living as glamorous a life as the man next door is our excuse to complain. We are unhappy about the relationship, the status therein or the partner even; failing to realize that the yummy couple we see on the streets have no witnesses to their dirty secrets.

Kenyan Gold MedalistThe job we wish we had isn’t made in paradise; those who earn their living there have a good reason for still wanting better for themselves. Make it your goal today, to realign your focus, and make this race that you run all about you, and not the other athletes. The time and effort you put in might just earn you a medal of honor…

Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro is a young, fun-loving personality with a finger on the ever vibrant pulse of entertainment and current events. Blessed by the Father with an undeniable gift in the way of a talent with words and people; he is presently a Banker by day, and a Legend-in-the-making by night...

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