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THE VOICE GH Team is MAD. Read About Their Exploits Right Here

Today, we have another post from our friend, Joshua Gyasi. He shares on the activities of an enviable group of young people who are MAD (Making a Difference) in Ghana. He writes from Ghana.

There is a youth group which seeks to address some of the social, political and legal issues affecting the people of Ghana.

The Voice GH

This cause had long been conceived in the mind of Miss Adelaide Yiriyelleh but was only started at the University when she met people of like minds, people who shared the passion to speak on all issues that directly and indirectly affect the younger generation. The name of this youth group is THE VOICE GH.

Here is their mission: –

  • to serve as a bridge between the government and the citizens; and
  • to promote the preservation and dynamism of culture.

Since its inception, THE VOICE GH has taken up several projects actively involving the victims of the outcomes of those situations. Let us have a peep into some of these projects: –

The ‘Help-a-Child-Read’ Project

This project was born as a result of the decline in the quality of education of schools in the slums. It is an Initiative that seeks to improve the quality of literacy amongst the students in the selected areas.

The project was also geared towards encouraging Youths to volunteer, to come together and help improve the quality of reading among kids, especially in the rural communities.

The Voice GH 2The members of THE VOICE GH have visited rural communities in northern Ghana where it was identified that teaching and learning was at a declining rate. Lack of adequate infrastructure and staff had contributed immensely to the problem.

The week-long project was focused on the pupils of the upper primary classes in the school. They were taught how to read with a view to improving their command of the English language.

It was a hugely successful project.

The kids and volunteers shared the impact of reading and reaching out to the vulnerable and needy in the society.

SPEAK…Say No to Domestic Violence Project

Another campaign embarked upon by the THE VOICE GH was a cyber campaign intended to create awareness about domestic violence and to educate the general public about this evil in our society.

The Voice GH 3

The campaign was focused on the following vices: –

  • men cat-calling women in the street,
  • the upload of pictures of naked women unto the internet without consent, and
  • the support of the porn industry which routinely demeans and exploits women.

It also addressed living in a society in which unhealthy gender stereotypes exists, where women are portrayed as the weaker sex.

This culture, which glorifies an ideal of male dominance, is responsible for a society which sees women routinely experience the unimaginably harmful – and, sadly, often fatal consequences of this ideal.

The campaign stressed on the need to dispense with the gender stereotypes, and open up a frank – and likely uncomfortable – debate about the role that gender has to play in its continued existence.

To get the public actively involved, the public was requested to join, follow and support the cyber campaign of THE VOICE GH by taking a picture with their hands crossed and sending them to the campaign pages on Twitter and on Facebook. People were also encouraged to speak up by sharing their stories with the rest of the world to help others.

The Voice GH 4It was a successful campaign which created awareness and more necessarily involved actively the victims and perpetrators in one way or the other.

Upcoming Project – The Street Library Project

Following the success of the Help-a-Child-Read Project, THE VOICE GH wants to initiate another project in the northern part of the Ghana that will get both young and old to develop a reading habit and inculcate a knowledge seeking culture.

Several communities have been identified where the project will fund booth-like libraries which will spread across the streets with easy access and comfortable seats for any ready person to read. The project which is scheduled for the last week of May this year has already received anticipation from the members of the chosen communities.

The Leadership Team of THE VOICE GH still requires support on this project which will go a long way to improve the quality of reading and learning of the pupils. You are encouraged to contribute your quota to the development of Ghana.

Support can come in the form of books, volunteers, money etc to make the most of the opportunities identified and maximize reach as well.

John Keats once said: –

“He never is crowned with immortality who fears to follow where airy voices lead.’ Join a worthy cause!”

Interested in supporting us? Do you want to volunteer? Do you want to speak up?

Then follow us on Facebook or search for The Voice Gh on Facebook

You can also follow us on twitter @theVoicegh or reach me by email

Let’s Make a Difference.

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Contributing Writer
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