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The Link Up Man- Rashid Kasirye

Rashid Kasirye

25 year-old Rashid Kasirye is a Ugandan with a passion for media production. After he saw the shoot of a music video in Uganda at the age of 17, Rashid was inspired to start building his media career. Upon his graduation from Capital City Academy, in the United Kingdom, he worked towards this goal, and founded Link Up TV, an online music and talent platform, straight out of college. He grew it from its humble beginnings to a strong online community, which sees their YouTube page hitting over a million monthly views and thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter.

The online broadcast channel specializes in unsigned and emerging talent as well as creating a thriving business for the 25 year old Entrepreneur. They bring innovative shows, competitions, fresh freestyles and behind the scenes footage from the latest songs in the Urban world. With its humble beginnings as a YouTube channel, LinkUpTV has evolved. Establishing itself as a leading broadcaster of music and entertainment, the team of videographers, editors and writers have created and developed a brand; a brand which is now recognized as one of the best platforms for rising talent to develop.



A quote from the Link Up TV site: “It is important then, to stress our commitment to nurturing all forms of talent. With this in mind, we hold a firm belief in the ability of homegrown acts and their potential to succeed. Therefore, we are eager to assist prospects from quite literally, the street, to the dizzying heights of the industry. At the same time, we promote already established acts, wishing them further success.

Not only this, we recognise the importance of sharing our  knowledge and expertise; i.e, knowledge of the music industry as a whole. Therefore, we have developed a “My Industry” segment which interviews key players in the game – from Music Executives and AR Representatives to Presenters and DJs – we hope to give further insight and guidance to anybody aspiring to get involved in music.”

Currently living in London, Rashid is also a producer, director, song writer and editor. He started making videos in 2006, and has created a vast array of music videos, short films, documentaries and commercials.

Rashid has not only built a self-sustaining business, he has carved an impressive imprint into the music industry for underground artists to showcase their talents and has also built a respected reputation for himself within the industry.

We also expect that he will soon return to the shores of mother Africa and add his quota in bringing the African media industry to the next level; able to compete on a global scale.

To reach Rashid Kasirye, you may visit his LinkedIn account; send him an email via, You can also follow him on twitter @rashidkasirye. Are you that aspiring singer? Get in touch with him and do let us know how it progresses. We are here to konnect Africa afterall.

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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