Do you want to become A SOCIAL MEDIA MILLIONAIRE?



Would You Like to Get Paid For Helping Businesses and Brands Grow their Online Presence and Get More Business via Social Media?

Dear Social Media Manager to be,

You may have noticed that more and more Nigerian companies are coming online to do business.

But there’s still one thing they lack, and they know it.

Do you want to know what that one thing is?

I will tell you!

It is the FACT that they don’t have a CLEAR idea of how to navigate the social media waters and set themselves up for making huge profits.

They don’t.

Also, there are many businesses that have NO idea about how powerful Social Media is,

and how it can transform their businesses.

Nobody has really explained it to them.

So, here comes the big question…

What does this mean for you?

Do you know that if you can fill that position, you can make so much money from it?

If you can skillfully use social media and give them results that will blow their minds away,

then, you will be going home with some cool money on a constant basis.

That means they will now have loads of new customers buying more often from them,

in addition to their old customers.

All because of the Social Media Expert who God has used to transform the fortunes of their business.

That Social Media Expert fit be YOU o!

Okay, let me break it down.

You see,

being a Social Media Marketer means you are helping businesses or individuals manage their social media handles,

thereby increasing how they are perceived in the market place,

with a view to increasing their sales and / or their influence.

However, to be able to do this, you must able to develop and deliver powerful strategies to help your clients.

Now, I will like you to imagine something with me now

Imagine this,

you wake up around 6 am, say your prayers, get on your phone and then schedule the posts you have for that day for a client,

Then you go back to bed,

Then 9am, you wake up again, and see lots of engagement on the post you made earlier.

You wake up and see a couple of people inquiring about how to make orders for what the company sells (all based on what you posted earlier)

You point them in the right direction.

You finalize the deal.

The Customer is happy.

The Client is happy.

You are also happy.

You are making some sweet cash.

Your sweetheart is also happy

Now guess what?

You can have as many clients as you can comfortably manage…

That alone presents a limitless stream of income.

It’s like saying…

You can make as much as you want.

Now, if you’re one who loves the 8-5 lifestyle,

the Good thing is you could also a get a job, be doing it

and still keep your social media consultancy gig as a side hustle.

The truth is this :-

With a well-grounded knowledge of social media marketing,

you could earn as much as N100,000 to N200,000 per month.

In 5 months, you could have made your first million naira.

No jokes!

And it even gets better.

Because you do not need a University degree to become a social media manager!

All you need to have is the skill.

Once you can acquire the skills, your potentials are limitless.

Of a truth,

A lot of Nigerian companies are now going online

and they have millions of naira as their marketing budget.

If you can solve the problem of how and show them good results…

then, you’re setting yourself up for real money in your account.

But first and most importantly, you must acquire the required social media marketing skills.

That is why Konnect Africa Network has created a great course

that’ll show you how you can build a social media marketing business,

and start your journey towards becoming a social media expert.

In the next page, I will tell you the specific things you will learn from the Course,

and will introduce you to the very knowledgeable Resource Person who will facilitate this Course.


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