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How I Help Individuals & Coaches Create More Impact and Income Online: Richard Okere Jr. Shares His Story

Hello Africa,

Welcome to another exciting edition of the KA Interview Series with Africa’s Rising Stars.

Today, we have with us a very resourceful young man from South-East Nigeria who help coaches to make money. His name – Richard Okere Jr.

In this interview,  Richard shares about his background, his business and provides us with valuable information to help the African Entrepreneur grow in his business. Read on…

Richard Okere Jr

Tell us about yourself; family ethnicity, education, base/location…

My name is Richard Okere Jr.; the first son in a family of 6 children. I am single and seriously searching (at the time of this interview).

I graduated from The University Of Nigeria Nsukka (AIFCE Campus) in 2015 with a second class lower in Education and Economics and currently based in Owerri, Imo state.

What specific solutions do you deliver in the marketplace?

The primary work I do is to help coaches create and launch profitable online affiliate programs.

On a second level, I help coaches build funnels for their product launches, webinars, online summit etc.; especially the techy parts like email automation, payment automation, website design, advertising, sales pages etc.

I’ve worked with a few companies and currently have local and international clients.

What inspired you to start this business?

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to do extraordinary things. I have been a creator. I love to create things; make things and also help individuals function better.

In online marketing, I found an environment without limitations. I could almost do anything I wanted with a laptop and internet connection. I actually self-taught myself website design and most things I know now. When I learned that this passion could help me serve more people and earn sufficient income, it gave me the inspiration that drives me even till today.

What has been the most effective strategy you have used to grow your business?

I wouldn’t say there is one specific strategy I applied but rather it’s a combination of strategies.

I learn a lot of things everyday and apply the ones that make sense to me. My ultimate strategy is to show up consistently with value.

That’s why I started my podcast called “This Is Your Wealth”. That’s why I started “The Smart Career Network“. The more people hear about you and what you do, the more likely they are to work with you or recommend you.

Another very effective strategy is to collaborate with coaches. Instead of trying to do most things on my own, I do more things in partnership with coaches so we can promote each other.

Business growth also required that I laid strong foundations and build structures. Basic things like registering your business with CAC, having a corporate account, hosting a blog, building a mailing list, developing a signature method to deliver your solutions etc; They are the foundations and structures that have helped me grow my business.

How have you effectively leveraged the power of social media to push your message?

I would basically summarise it in two words – Share And Connect. Everyday we learn new things, ideas, strategies; we experience challenges and breakthroughs and social media to me is an avenue to share these things with people and help them learn from it.

Most entrepreneurs use their social media posts as marketing stunts and as much as I encourage persuasive writing (or posting), it shouldn’t be primarily about building a huge fan base and make more money. It should be with the mindset to help people improve in specific areas of their lives.

So to answer your question directly, I share, share and share, especially on my area of expertise. I try to show up CONSISTENTLY with value.

What are some of the major challenges you have encountered so far and how did you overcome them?

There are three primary challenges I’ve encountered and to a great extent have overcome (or still improving on). First is lack of finance to acquire the tools and resources I needed. But I don’t think of this as a limitation anymore but rather it’s an opportunity.

Steve Harris says that

“It’s not what you don’t have that limits you, but what you have but don’t know how to use”.

I learned to make the best use of what I have now, instead of brooding over what I don’t have.

The second challenge is being consistent and seeing projects through. It’s very easy for me to come up with ideas and strategy but I most times don’t see them through. If I saw Mr. A doing this and getting results with it, I’d jump on it too without finishing the last thing I started.

But I can tell you I’ve improved. I developed a goal setting template that helps me focus on my important projects and also have an accountability group, and then also my mentors I have to answer to.

One other challenge is being able to say No to people. I get a lot of requests to do this or join that. And most times I find myself committing to things that shift my focus and steal my time. I’m still improving on this too.

Where do you see your business 5 years from now?

I still have one or two more companies to launch in some other fields. In fact I plan to launch another company by June this year. So in the next 5 years I will be among the leading experts in the world in affiliate programs. Those two other companies will grow to international standard and I’d have built a wonderful team to run them.

Richard Okere Jr

Any mentors? What is the best advice you have ever received from your Mentors?

Yes I have two mentors, all women. The best advices I’ve received are actually two and it came from each of them.

First – “Always be in control of my thoughts, for as a man thinketh so is he”

Second – “Find ways to reach out and collaborate”.

For you, Excellence in Business is all about ….

Serving more people, earning sufficient income and being able to lead the kind of life God has designed for me.

Where can we find out more about you (website, social media, new book/course being released)?

I blog and host my podcast at



I am launching a product for coaches called The Affiliate Program Launchpad. It’s an all-in-one training and toolbox to help them create and launch their own affiliate program. You can sign up to my newsletter at to get an update when I launch it.

Many thanks for speaking with us, Richard.

You are welcome.

Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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