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In Prosper Dzitse’s Words, ‘Africa is not the Problem Child of the World!

Prosper Dzitse

Born in 1990, from Tefle, Ghana, Prosper Ditze is the Founder of the Institute of Leadership and Mentorship, a Cecilsons Africa award nominee, the Volta Regional Director for Council for Capacity Development, an author and the President of the National Union of Ghanaian Students; yes, he is a student.

A Student Social Entrepreneur?  Indeed.   In his words,

As a social entrepreneur I believe there are challenges that our society faces that we need to be able to overcome. We have all the resources but we are not able to get value for the resources, get them exploited to the benefit of the ordinary person. In recent times, corruption and bribery are used as excuses, but it is leadership that is the main problem. My main aim is to help raise quality and result oriented leaders for my generation, and country.

I believe that people die twice; when the body dies and the second time when the legacy also dies off. For that matter I make sure I develop those that I meet everyday, and impact those people very well.

The objectives of the Institute of Mentorship and Leadership include mentorship and leadership training, entrepreneurship development, career development and counselling, public and motivational speaking, human resource management, and campaign strategizing. The IML aims to impart these values into young people to cause the needed change because they believe that all these things come together to make the society.


As with most ventures, the IML faces its fair share of challenges.  According to Prosper, resources have always being an issue.

This organisation is run like an NGO, so the monies I have made from the books that I publish have being channelled into the organisation, for our field programs. In other countries, we have people who work for us but the resources are not available for me to go there and access the impact they have being able to make so far. Asides that we virtually run this project from our own pockets especially the contributions from some of the executives.

Despite the challenges, feats have been recorded. Officially established in 2012, the IML created a website to enable ready access to information and assistance. Workshops are held in several high schools and campuses and mentees and future leaders are being raised. Already, they hold positions as prefects and leaders in their spheres of influence.

Impact of mentorship and leadership training on society:

My philosophy in life is that we have the solutions we seek because whichever challenge you identify in your society, I believe we all have the individual capacities to be able to do something about those challenges. I believe if we drive into our people the fact that even though the government has a social contract with us we can work as individuals to impact that level of knowledge in our society. We should be able to work as individuals to build Africa. I believe that we can actually tell the African story in a better way that we have been doing.

Prosper’s future plans revolve around helping young people live their dreams. He hopes his organisation will be able to organise national and international meets with other youth organisations for mentorship and idea implementation, and establish a global mentorship reach in addition to those in the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Norway, Nigeria, and Cameroon where they have Representatives.


His inspiration: God, late parents, Nelson Mandela, Charles Sam, Patrick Otieku Boadu, Emmanuel Dei Tumi. Mentors include Jonathan Adzokpe, late Komla Dumor, Sara Nana Yeboah, Jeremiah Buabeng, John Armah, and Idea Prince.

I have being inspired by their stories and acknowledge the strides they are making to improve lives. He opined.

What does a young undergraduate know about mentorship and leadership? Don’t get caught up in the age dilemma. Young Africans are capable of amazing feats!

We are the solutions we seek. I believe it is time we take our destinies into our own hands, time is far spent and we must not wait on anybody to determine for us what we must or must not do with our lives. Africa is not the continent of trouble makers; Africa is not the problem child of the world but rather the continent that has the youths full of energy to provide solutions to the challenges that confront them day in day out.

Africa is not the continent of trouble makers; Africa is not the problem child of the world. And I add, Africa is not synonymous with poverty, failure or disease. A day or two on this site will convince you!

Original transcript submitted by Akpah Prince; Ghanaian Blogger and Freelance Writer.


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Contributing Writer
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