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Promise Excel: You’re Human: Embrace Your Imperfection

You’re a human with flesh and blood and not some robotic machine made in China and coupled in California.

Who are you deceiving? You’re not iPhone 6…duh!

Everyday online, we are bombarded with this podcast or that article telling us how we should live our lives.

We are told to eat the food Omotola Jolade Ekeinde eats every morning, wake up before 5.AM like Dangote, drink enough skinny tea like Tiwa Savage, and we’ll be healthy, wealthy and happy.

As a result, you see every Tom and Harry becoming a life coach, success coach, Life strategist and all the sweet sweet names out there.

In reality, this people cannot fix their own life. Why? Because we are only human!

If only we could plug all the advice, tips and knowledge into our brains and start working like all-knowing and all-wise robots.

But, hey!

You are a depraved, chaotic and messy creature!

You forget things. You make mistakes. You get sad. You get angry. You snooze off your alarm until 8.00.AM. You sleep with your mouth open. You wear rumpled cloths. You eat coke and bread.

You are flesh and blood.

You can’t possibly treat yourself like a big-awesome-smart-never-get-tired machine. Listening to all those intelligent life coaches out there will not automatically make you happy and accomplished.

The truth of the matter is, not every advice and tips we hear or read will work every time. There are factors that influence our individual results.

So, when you’re a listening to that your favorite coach giving his best advice, don’t take it like the gospel. He may be saying the truth but those advices may not work for you. Because you’re not like anybody.

Hey! Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should keep a closed mind to everything you hear. You just have to filter the wheat from the weed and take home what will benefit you. And also, don’t say “no knowledge is wasted” and swallow everything like Mr. Gullible George.

If everything you hear doesn’t change you or improve your life, it’s ok. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you or the advice. It simply means that you are a unique human who is insanely different.

You have to take it easy with yourself. Celebrate that thing that makes your awkward.

As human, you’re going to have bad and good days, lazy and hyper productive days.  Sometimes, you will feel heartbroken, betrayed, rejected and hated. It’s ok to feel that way.

You’re human!

Don’t let yourself be intimidated into always trying hard to live the perfect life and look serious all the time. You’re definitely not on a mission to save humanity from some disaster.

Cheer up!

Mr. A and Uncle B don’t have it all figured out. They are just like you, trying to level up with the standard set by the society.

Forget the smile celebrities put up on magazine covers with flawless “photoshopped” face. They are just like you, a bunch of completely, nasty, complicated and disorganized weirdos running around the world pretending to get their life together and trying hard to convince you that all is well.

Sometimes, you have to put aside all the hard rules, tips and advice out there and simply live, breathe, smile and love. Needless to say, nobody is perfect.

Even the richest, most famous, most beautiful and most influential people on earth don’t have it all figured out.

Life is strange and crazy! Don’t try hard to fight your weakness and imperfection. Nobody cares about the guy who is perfect. Just get the work done.

Don’t spend all your life in silence afraid that you’ll say something wrong. You’re not always going to get it all right, have the flawless skin like Geneview Nnaji or Rita Dominic, straight legs and pointed nose.

Remember, you’re responsible for what you make of yourself. No matter what or who you are, demand the best of yourself. Strive for excellence at all times. Be in charge of your happiness. Aim for the best at all time but don’t expect life to be perfect.

Go play and live like a child in the rain!

Promise Excel is a passionate writer, entrepreneur and the publisher at He has written for popular blogs like Ogbongeblog, EnterpriseBoom, TheTotalEntrepreneurs and others. He believes that he can change the world with his paper and pen. He’s also the Author of, “21 Days To Develop A Millionaire Mindset”.

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Contributing Writer
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