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I Know a Nigerian Star: Pastor Bankole Olusina @pastorbankie

More amazing articles from the “I Know a Nigerian Star” writing competition. Read and be motivated friends, TGIF!!!! Enjoy a beautiful weekend~With love from Konnect Africa!!!

Pastor Bankie

Dr Bankole Olusina; My Mad Nigerian!

Dr Bankole Olusina is a Nigerian in my area that is MAD (Making A Difference). I know him as Pastor Bankie. He studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) after which he proceeded to Lagos State University Hospital (LUTH) for his post graduate studies and specialized in histopathology.

While in UNIBEN studying medicine, God arranged roommates and fellowship mates that ensured he received training that will enable him manifest effectively what he was wired to do on the earth – speaking and writing.

“I stayed in the same room with people who could pray for hours; that even when I don’t want to pray, I pray just because of them” he said in one of his teaching session.

While in Lagos for his post graduate programme and residency, he devoted himself to learning; attending seminars and conferences and learning from great preachers like Poju Oyemade and Bishop David Oyedepo, Keneth Hagin and Myles Munroe through their live services, books and tapes. At that time, he listened to Bishop David Oyedepo for over 500 hours. But he rarely preached at that time.

Upon completion of his post graduate programme, he left for the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), in 2001, which at that time lacked a pathologist. But why the choice of Enugu when he had a job waiting at University of Ibadan? He has two answers. “I saw a need and filled it. The second and more appropriate answer is that it is my place of assignment in God’s agenda.”

In 2001, he created a platform (Kingdom World Ministries) for teaching people and empowering them to take their position for a better Nigeria. He started by printing tracts which he folded with his wife alone. Few years later, he started holding weekly Bible study class on Saturdays evenings and subsequently Tuesdays.

His messages and books are geared towards making Nigeria a better place. Little wonder in his first teaching session, he spoke on the theme “Man on Assignment”. From 2001 till date, it has been a gradual but steady improvement in the packaging of his talks and books. He started by storing them in analogue tapes but now packages them in digital format which makes it possible for free download on the internet.

His goal is to ensure that the teachings he gives fill the earth. But why does he do this? “The Bible said that the Word of God shall fill the earth as the water covers the sea and I shall not be a hindrance to it.”

One would instinctively think he makes money from his books. But here is another shocker: “I don’t collect a dime as royalty; I preach for free and God blesses me from any source He chooses,” he said unapologetically.

He went further on to say that anybody that can print his books and sell at cheaper rates should go ahead and do so and not bother giving Kingdom-Word Ministries any royalty. “I will personally bless anybody that can do that from my heart but will curse anybody that will edit it” he added.

As he progressed he decided to take the truth he teaches in his studio hall office to the world through the electronic media. Thus the Way of Success, a thirty minutes talk programme was born on the defunct Cosmo FM which was broadcast twice a week. Also, he made those broadcasts available on his website for free download.

Even though he hates to be addressed as a motivational speaker, his teaching on radio motivates people to live right and do what they are capable of doing to make our world a better place. Explaining why he does not accept the title, Motivational Speaker, he said, “I am not a motivational speaker. Dead bodies cannot be motivated; they need life first. For those who have life (born-again), maybe I motivate them.” He prefers to be addresses as a preacher of the word of God. However, his style of preaching is explaining Bible principles and showing its practical application for solving the problems of individuals and humanity as a whole.

In addition to his weekly teachings, book publishing, tract printing and distribution and radio programmes on different radio stations, he organizes seminars in various towns. It was in one of those seminars that he empowered Nigerians to develop businesses and build ventures that will create wealth in our nation with the theme, Spiritual Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies.

He devotes a large chunk of his teaching session to showing his listeners who are mainly youths and students how they can contribute to making the world better. This can be seen in his Radio Broadcast series like Generating Spiritual Energy for the Redemption of a Nation, Creating Opportunities for Prosperity and How to change your World which are all available on his website for free download.

The sponsorship of the programme of his ministry at the beginning came from his family (Him and His wife) until people who believed in his vision started supporting him by freewill donations.

Joseph Ifeanyichukwu Exploits Dinwoke(Brojid Exploits) is a final year student of University of Nsukka, Biochemistry department. He has an unquenchable passion for journalism, broadcasting and writing. He has served as the editor of the follwing magazine Pilgrims Magazine (2011) and Unity Magazine. He blogs at Brojid World (

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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  1. I have a male friend same class,one year age grab older am 19yrs.we have been friends untill when we got so close,both are spiritual vibrant but we kissed once and asked for mercy never to do it first it was like God revealed his wife so he say but we are as he call friends so i wanted to avoid him and move on nt to cloud my brain with emotions,i Prayed with my whole haert but each time i take a step to disconnect i meet him more it came to a point i have to change may path when i see him.and i observe RESTLESSNESS BOTH OF US DURING THAT POINT.d last time i embark on a breaking prayer after we had some misunderstanding of him ignoring me,i was so restless as if he was sick,while i was praying for divine seperation he was prayer for me unknowingly to me,he told me he was angry and struggling to prayer for me,that as if my spirit was tournament me ,then he ask me to forgive confusing is it was only prayer for beginning to think we are spritiually connected but i need more prayers i dont want emotion to cloud my spirituality,plss pray for this issue and contact me for anything

  2. It is a good thing that you asked God for mercy. It shows that you listen to the Holy Spirit and want to please God. Remember there are Christians in places keeping themselves pure also, so it is not just you.Please don’t be pressured to see kissing before marriage as a sign of love. People have messed up their lives that way. I know a guy who was in a relationship for 5yrs and never kissed. He got married April 2017. What is the Holy Spirit telling you about your relationship? That is the only thing that matters. Whether he is angry, does not want to pray for you or talk to you is irrelevant. Don’t let anyone blackmail you emotionally only God knows everyone deeply and the future. Therefore set apart time to hear from Him and do whatever He says. The life of a Christian is simple. Trust and obey; listen and do. That is the story. I pray for strength, direction and progress for you in Jesus name.

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