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Vice Principal Otusanya Oluwole is a Nigerian Star!

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Vice Principal Otusanya Oluwole is a Nigerian Star

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, a teacher is someone who gives lessons to students in a school, college, university, e.t.c, to help somebody learn something by giving information about it.

A teacher  is someone who inspires his students to give their best. A teacher is qualified to be considered a good teacher if he never feels disappointed at any point in time with his students and arrives in class early to share his knowledge with  hundreds of them. So, a caring teacher is full of dedication ,commitment and responsibility. Thus, a teacher is considered as a great individual to us besides our parents.

However, there were many teachers in my alma-mater. Each one of them taught us different subjects. They seemed like stars in the midnight sky of our lives .It is quite difficult to choose among all these stars as everyone of them had  their roles, different methodology of teaching and different approach of conveying their knowledge. Of course ,one of the stars who I carefully selected is like a diamond dancing brightly among all the stars. He is none other than Mr. Oluwole Otusanya.

Actually, he was the Vice-Principal in charge of administrations in my school. He has the most pleasing personality  that I have ever seen and possesses all those qualities which a good teacher is expected to have. He taught Civic Studies ,a subject that I love.

 Although he was the Vice-Principal, he also taught Civic Studies with his good knowledge and up to date information that back up  his versatile experiences. He loved the subject that he taught and had an in-depth  knowledge of it too. I never saw him open his book whilst teaching. It seemed like all the information was in his brain, and he delivered the information to the class confidently.

He is a knowledgeable and brillant person. His confidence in the class was like a rope that pulled me out of my laziness. I became so engrossed with Civic Studies and that made me hardworking and exuberant towards learning. He was unarguably the most calm and cool teacher I ever had.

For example, I heard that the senior class students were once rude and never paid attention to any teacher in the class. But my beloved teacher ,responded admirably towards that class. I witnessed his cool, calm, demeanor even when they did their utmost to infuriate him.

Moreover,he was so outstanding that he never got tired of teaching me and my friends.He was an energetic sportsman that often encouraged young students to explore their  talents either in athletics or football.

Finally, all his sacrifices will always inspire me to succeed in my life. Thousand thanks to my beloved  teacher, my beloved Nigerian Star.

  *Taiwo Taiye Tayo, an indigene of Kwara State and an alumni of Topmost College, Sagamu, Ogun State can be reached via twitter on @tayo_taiwo.             

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Contributing Writer
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