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Osoro’s Nuggets: She Dreamed A Dream…

She Dreamed A Dream

You probably live on the planet Uranus and as such have never come across the internet if the name Susan Boyle doesn’t ring a bell to you. The plain-looking Scottish singer came to global prominence in 2009 when she auditioned on a British reality show singing the song “I Dreamed A Dream” and shocking the world by the contrast between her remarkably powerful and beautiful voice on the one hand, and her rather plain and somewhat “unattractive looks” on the other. It is a fact that on YouTube and other social media, Susan Boyle’s videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. With millions of records sold, she is a success on many counts.

We care a little too much about what the world will think of us. We hold back on our words, our thoughts and actions. We hold back on chasing after our dreams and living out our ambitions. Ms. Boyle was fully aware of the unique challenges her life posed to her – at almost 50, unmarried, uneducated, still living in her mother’s house and hiding shyly inside her comfort zone. She knew her voice was a talent, and she also knew she was always called “unpretty”.  But she knew she’d rather give her dreams a shot and face the possible ridicule, than live out what is left of her days never knowing what she could have become. Entertainment experts say that part of the fascination the world has with Ms. Boyle is that despite her “unconventional television” looks, she has lived her life graciously, in confidence and undeterred by public opinion, for her talent goes without questioning. So, why not give the world its next wonder by turning your ordinariness into a spectacle.

If the world treats you like an underdog then you’re in luck; for underestimation makes room for the surprise of over-achievement. Break out of your shell and exceed expectations. So what if they say you can’t go very much further than you are now? So what if it looks like you are “unattractive” and unqualified for the finer things of life? Give it a shot, and rest in knowing that at least you gave it a try. Who knows? You too might come out of that dream as a winner…



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Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro is a young, fun-loving personality with a finger on the ever vibrant pulse of entertainment and current events. Blessed by the Father with an undeniable gift in the way of a talent with words and people; he is presently a Banker by day, and a Legend-in-the-making by night...

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