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Osoro’s Nuggets: Of Tokyo Rose And Of Treason…

Of Tokyo Rose And Of Treason

The definition of treason may vary slightly from one country to another. A man could be called a traitor, and charged with treason if he so much as declares openly the ill-intentions he harbors in his heart towards the ruling government, and he could earn himself a death by hanging. A man could be severed into bits or dragged around the city till he died if charged with treason for working against the good of his nation. Treason in whatever language is a serious offence.

A tokyo Rose

 During the 2nd world war, the Japanese government employed the services of certain female voices over their radio services. These females were popularly referred to (individually and collectively) as Tokyo Rose. Now, Ms. Tokyo or Ms. Rose (whichever you please) had 1 task: she was to twist the facts of the war happening at the time, making it sound as though the Japanese were a step away from victory, and thus demoralizing the American soldiers on the war front, who sadly, never failed to tune in to the daily broadcasts by Ms. Tokyo Rose. It worked quite well. One of such “broadcasters” was eventually captured, and because she had a dual Japanese American citizenship, was charged with treason in America.

In our own reality, people will speak all sorts of evil about us and get away with it. They may not go to broadcast their foul talk about us on the radio, but their evil intentions are no secret. And because we’re no royalty or president, even when they openly declare their disregard for us, they get to say their bit and walk away scot-free.

car radio

 Make up your mind to tune off your radio set each time Ms. Tokyo Rose comes on air. Tell those who care to listen that they should feel free to talk down at your progress. But they should take note that they though they may not suffer the fate of being sentenced to life imprisonment or death by hanging, they will have to endure the torture of watching you excel in grand style. Tell that Tokyo Rose to hold her tongue before your success charges her with treason.



Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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