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Osoro’s Nuggets: “And I Am Telling You…”

Osoro’s Nuggets: And I Am Telling You

It’s about time you gather those daemons together and have them sit for a much needed chat. Say to them in whatever language they’ll understand that you’re determined to make it in this lifetime, at whatever cost, and so the sooner they come to terms with that, the sooner there’s peace on earth. We must get ourselves into the frame of mind that there’s really no other option but to succeed in grand style. Our now may not look like it, but this is the worst it should ever be.

In both the Broadway musical and the film adaptation of the multi-award winning “Dreamgirls”, the character Effie White sings the story’s trademark mark song “And I am telling you…” In a scene as dramatic as can be, she sings to a man, her lover and manager, who represents the entirety of her world that “I’m not going nowhere…” She repeats over and over that come what may, she is resolved to remain in her race, and that he had better make up his mind to be there with her. In her words “Tear down the mountains, yell, scream and shout… Stop all the rivers, push, strike and kill: I’m not gonna leave…” While her battle cry may sound to some as a little desperate, we maintain that it is with the same desperation that we must hold on to our dreams.

If it means breaking out a sweat just to ensure we get to our promised land, then so be it. You may not need to sing out to a lover or to the boss, but do whatever it takes to get those in your life to see that you’re not giving up on yourself, or your future, and so they had better not give up on you. Push hard, fight on a little longer. Your big break is as close as a stretch away…



Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro Amanufue Mosugu
Osoro is a young, fun-loving personality with a finger on the ever vibrant pulse of entertainment and current events. Blessed by the Father with an undeniable gift in the way of a talent with words and people; he is presently a Banker by day, and a Legend-in-the-making by night...

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