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Osinachi kalu “Sinach”- An Extraordinary Nigerian Star.

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 Osinachi kalu Sinach

Osinachi Kalu, popularly known as Sinach, is a Nigerian who hails from Ebonyi state. She comes from a family of seven where she is the second daughter. She studied physics at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state. Her mentor is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy.

She is a spiritually gifted woman in terms of gospel music. She has given hope to the hopeless all over the world through her inspiring songs. She is a multiple award-winning song writer, recording artiste, producer and worship song leader.

This talented singer is a key member of Love World music team of Christ Embassy and she started singing at a young age despite loads of criticisms from her father. She knew that gospel music is not for commercial purposes but to help promote the gospel of Christ and lift up the spirit of the hopeless. Sinach is also a vocalist. Many of her songs are sung by several churches and people over the world.

Sinach is a woman that ministers to millions around the world on LoveWorld Sat, LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld Television, in churches, crusades etc with her mentor, Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy. She has written over 200 songs.


For me, Sinach is not only a star to the world but also to God. Her songs bring joy to many and tell of the importance of serving God and living a life of holiness. According to her, she has been born again for more than 20 years and she sang a song on being born-again in order to inspire people and tell them of its importance.

This great star believes that in the coming years, her songs would bring good news to much more people and influence the whole nation as well as the world. She also believes that with her songs, generations to come would have godly music and lyrics to listen, sing and dance to, instead of listening to negative music that don’t add anything meaningful.

Sinach shone as a star early this year when she added to her list of awards, an award from the Nigerian Complete and Pure Gospel Music Awards [NIPUGA]. She was crowned Nigeria Best Gospel artiste for 2012/2013. She is popularly known for the song “Awesome God” which elevated her in the sight of many to the status of a true Nigerian Star.


One of her latest songs which many people sing daily all over the world is “I know who I am“. It is a song many really love. She is a good role model to many young people who desire to get into the music industry.

Many youths especially those in church choirs look up to her as a sterling example of someone who has become great just doing gospel music. One does not only attain greatness by giving out material or physical substances to others, but also when such a person can put joy and inspire hope in the hearts of people.

Sinach is indeed a Nigerian star.

This “I Know a Nigerian Star” article was written by Ndaman Joshua Olayinka Bunmi, a Mechanical engineering student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State.

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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  1. I give God the glory for the life our star sinach, who God has use to brought healing to the life of many in the world.

  2. she is really a star loved by many pple al over d world i pray dat God exceding grace wil kep upholding u. i love bt jesus luv u more kep givin us d raw word

  3. The lord is your strength,be strong and courageous and run the race with all humility.
    Sister sinach we,up comming musicians really look up to you as one we can emulate.God is on your side

  4. I can’t believed this star is from Nigeria. Not that good things cannot come from that country but her music is amazing. I researched on her after listening to her album- I’m blessed and Name of Jesus- when her CD was given to me by my in-law at a Christening in London and the name of her album didn’t occur to be a Nigerian nor African until Google search help me. I guess if you are American or British gospel singer you must have being fame more than this but in your own little way, you are amazing

    Sinach from London city of Westminster Abbey, you are loved

  5. …I am a South African Indian,together with my family loves gospel music and i just wanna say WOW!!!!!!! ….Sinach, your music gift is amazing …i just cant stop listening to your songs that truly bless my heart and inspire me Spiritually…
    Mighty Gift of God, kindly send to me the list of all your CD’s that you have released and the songs that you have done….
    i do pray that God continues to bless you even as you continue in your ministry in Christ Jesus Name.
    regards, Louis

  6. I love Sinach ,she is a blessing to me,i wish one day we do a colabo with her cz am also a gospel artist from Kenya.Thank you.

  7. Well I was also amazed i thought sinach is from over sea because really as an Namibian I did not really believe because of the videos I am having , its so beautiful and well done that what makes us unique as born again , that what make sinach unique .God bless you even more your carrier and with your Evangelism in Jesus name

  8. I am amazed, truly Jehovah God reigns. I have been greatly inspired by your ministry, may God bless you.
    Every early morning i listen to your anointed music before i do any thing at the office.

    • Sinach you are so gifted. Your songs are so inspirational and soul searching. I was blown away by one your songs ” Way Maker” each time i listen to it tears roll down cheecks and and i have goose bumps allover my body. May you continue to bless us through your gospel music. We are growing in spirit by listenining to your music.

  9. You’re such a blessing to many Sinach…can’t wait for you to visit us here in Kenya in August.

    God bless!

  10. I’m from PNG (Papua New Guinea) I’m really blessed when listening to your songs. really inspired me and touches my heart to worship the Lord, God Almighty. You’re such a blessing to many, Sinach.. I love your songs because your songs touches life in the world.
    Many Blessings.

  11. Our Lorld Jesue Is Really Great In You My Sister So Keep It Up With Your Singing, Because It Touchs Many Soul To Repentance So My Dear Its Our Pleasure We Nigerians To See The Gud Works Of God In U Snachi And I Also Ask God For His Devine Favour Up U In What Ever U D In Life Amen =onwe Darlington

  12. i am really blessed by your song you motivated to compose my own song by your song. One thing i want you to do for is that am a young girl of 13 yrs old i want go to the studio and sing my song if you can do it for i will forever be with you but have some limitations if you can be of help please help me

  13. i am really blessed by your music can you help me because i have composed 10songs but so much limitations and am a girl of 13yrs Old can be friends

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