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Oladipupo Fola’s Blog: Unleash the BEAST  


Have you seen the movie SHREK or read about the story?

Oladipupo Folas blog
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Shrek is an extremely ugly creature called an Ogre, who was living in a slum, and was very content with his lifestyle. He cared little about what others thought of him and rarely interacted with the outside world.  One fateful day, the unexpected happened and Shrek received a load of squatters. The squatters had been forcefully relocated from their habitat by a wicked king.

Shrek was bemused and something within him kicked against what had happened.  Shrek decided to take a stand to correct the situation, and what follows transport him from the slums he lives in into the palace where he lived happily ever after, until Part 2.

Now, there is a BEAST in every one of us, a BIG, UGLY, SCARY and INTERESTING character that represents our inner identity.

This inner BEAST is part of us, and it has control over some of our reactions when we allow it to take control of our actions.

This BEAST is totally responsible for the success or failures of our endeavors as we are personally responsible for the tasks given to it.

If we make the BEAST angry then it will be angry, if we make the BEAST happy, then it will be happy.

We can decide to use the BEAST’s non-empowering attributes like IDLING, CYNICISM, NEUROTICISM, DISTRACTED, BAD EGO and SELFISHNESS, etc, or we could use the BEAST’s endowments which includes STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, RESILIENCE, COURAGE and ENTHUSIASM.

From the Shrek story, Shrek did not move from the slums into the palace just like that. He had to encounter and overcome loads of challenges before he accomplished his aim.

And alas, the result at the end provided more opportunities than the initial result he had set out to achieve, because he did not only save the Princess, he married her and lived happily ever after.

Unlike most of us, we solely keep our BEAST at bay, at our comfort zone, no encouragement and no adventures.

We are comfortable with what we have or what we don’t have, and we continue to complain about what is and what is not, that we forget to even give anything a try.

We allow our BEAST to be un-useful to its purpose, thereby making the BEAST just another body baggage.

The power of the BEAST is enormous and it can achieve the unthinkable.  The power of the BEAST can open more opportunities where we feel none exist.

Keep in mind that you can achieve a lot ordinarily but you can accomplish more with a ‘BEASTFUL’ attitude, as this will assist and push you past your normal limits.

How do you unleash the BEAST?

If you have any challenges in your life and you feel it can be better than what it is now, and you have personally given it all your best. Then you need some extra push power. The inner BEAST can surely provide this.

You have to find your BEAST, you have to know your BEAST and you have to tame your BEAST.

Once you find your BEAST, you will be able to see what it looks like, and when you know your BEAST you will also know its limits, finally when you are able to tame your BEAST, then you can maximize its full potentials.

Once you identify your BEAST, all you need to do is to switch over to unleash the BEAST.

 The power of the BEAST can assist us to achieve the unthinkable by giving us a renewed energy that can withstand any obstacle.

So why not try the BEAST MODE?

Note from Shrek movie: To every Shrek there is a DONKEY

Also find your DONKEY who serves as an adviser and has  your best interest at mind.

Oladipupo Fola is an IT Professional and an Author who desires to give back by providing valuable information on real life issues, personal development, business development, and Information Technology.

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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