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Okon Joseph’s Blog: How to Win Your Way to Success

During the course of my early life on my search for success. I tried so many principles, steps and laws of success from searching on google and books I read.

Like Colin Powell will always say,

“some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it”

so it was not my fault that I was experimenting with life just in the name of finding the winning formula to success.

First, I wanted to become a motivational speaker because I had this passion of sharing what I have learnt from books and videos about personal finance, life and success.

After experimenting with little victories and huge disappointment, I switched to becoming a coach after reading a book called Million Dollar Coaching by Alan Weiss and I went more into finding out more about coaches.

To make matter worse, I started involving myself with coaches and started joining Facebook groups that is dedicated in building up coaches and helping then make millions annually.

As usual, I also experimented little success and huge disappointment. But you know how all these motivational books will always like to give you hope by telling you not to give up.

So I pressed forward looking up unto the hills from where cometh my help (you know the story na).

But one thing that kept me going? I just wanted to be successful. Whether as anything, I never wanted to live the normal life or become an average Joe.

And one question I always ask myself was, “is this what I want to do the rest of my life? ” And my answer was always “NO”. I just wanted to use it to raise cash to buy a profitable asset that would make me rich and jobless.

One passion never left me. That passion was writing. But I did not take note because I was so busy attending online coaching class, reading coaching books and never believed anyone can make it as a writer.

I was getting great feedback from my write up. I remember writing an article for a blogger for a low fee and he reply back and said that I was really a gifted writer, but I overlooked it.

One faithful day, I felt like giving it a try and it started so easily. I continue for a week and it led to a month with enthusiasm. As I was going to the second month, I asked myself the usual initiation question, ‘Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?’. And finally, I said YES, Yes and Yes!

It was a moment of joy finding my true self and living the life I have always dreamt of.

Now, why do I have to share this story with you?  I know for sure you may have also done what I did (you may even be doing it now) and you’re planning your next move.

Please slowly read this article to the end, and after reading, ask yourself the initiation question to get clarity about your journey.

In this post, I put together 3 steps on how I won my way to success and how you too can.

  1. Identify Your Race

It is so unfortunate that people choose to become the people they idolize because of the fame and riches they have achieve. During my search for success, I failed to identify my race instead I was living a life I taught was mine and was discourage that I was not getting what the others was getting.

In life, you must identify your race. You can’t become everybody. Everybody can’t be Steve Harris, Bankole Williams or any name you may wish to use.

What’s your vision for life?  How long will it take to get there?  Is it to become a football coach or business coach?  Are you sure you’re on the right race.

It doesn’t matter how fast you’re running with the football if you’re going in the wrong direction.

Though it took me time but I figured that my race is to become a freelance writers.

Now, I am a 5 figure freelance writer. I don’t only write but I have team of writers who does large writing jobs for me. I mainly write on finance and business using the knowledge I gained from my experience.

  1. Choose your Pace

Your life is a journey but you choose the pace all through the journey to your destination. If you can identify your race, you are half way into finishing your race.

Choosing the right pace for life, is like choosing the right strategy for the race you want to run.

How do you want to attack your journey of life? Do you want to move one step at a time or a military approach?

You should plan to choose your pace for your race.

When do you wish to hit your target? Does it require a long term or short term goal?

You’re in charge!

  1. Keep Your Lane

Don’t get distracted by other people’s victories and success. It’s theirs. Every vision has it own prosperity. Do not compare your life with someone else’s life. Keep your lane till you finish the race.

You know what do happen in relay race when you leave your lane? You get disqualify for the race.

Today, I am a freelance content curator. I may not be among the highly paid content writers but I have chosen my pace to take it one at a time and I am keeping my lane no matter what happen.

I don’t want to bother myself with how to make money from Forex trade or Bitcoin or any other lucrative business even if people are making millions from it. I am keeping my lane.

Brethren (feeling like a preacher), if you want to win your way to success. You need to identify your race, it is your road-map.

After that, choose your pace. Do you want to take it with full-speed? And lastly, keep your lane. Don’t be distracted by people making money in import and export business.

My exercise for You

What is your race?

What is your Pace?

Are you sticking to your lane?

Is this what you want to do for the rent of your life?

I will like to hear from you through the comment box.

Okon Joseph
Okon Joseph
Okon Joseph is the CEO of Word Inspired International. He is a Freelance Writer  on Finance  and business topics. You can reach him on where he shares his thought and experience on becoming a freelance writer.

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    • Thanks Emmanuel for stopping by to read my content.

      So happy you found it impressive. It will do more good if you can share it with your social media friends.

  1. This post came just about the right time. I just quit a good job to follow my journey to success.

    At this point, there’s that urge to chase after every shiny object. Anything that promises to make money.

    That’s the mistake most of us make, running from pillar to post. The attitude of monkey see, monkey do paralyzes us.

    “If only I could just be like this man”. ” If only I could do this and that”…

    We keep wishing and dreaming how to become that great man or that awesome woman. But we never do anything about it.

    The best we can do is to know what we were born to do and be. Knowing your calling is the bed rock of every achievement, accomplishments, success and victory..

    Thanks Okon Joseph for sharing your story. I could practically relate to it…

    • Thanks Promise. I really appreciate you for stopping by to read my post.

      It’s so bad that people easily get distracted by another person’s prosperity that they start thinking of following thar path instead of sticking to their own path.

      You just quitted your job to follow your passion? I love that courage. Not everybody can do that.

      I wish you safe journey as you travel THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED.

  2. Wow.. Like I always say, “success is never a mistake”. This article is like a head start to achieving greatness.

    Little secrets like this that so many people don’t know is causing a big hindrance on their way to success.

    Thanks okon for this eye opening article.

    Hope to see more of you.

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