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Noah Walakira: Uganda’s Sweater-Maker Tackles Unemployment at 21

When young people decide to change the status quo, it’s nothing less than mind-blowing! When a teenager decides to change the employment statistics in his community, we can say with a sigh of relief, ‘Africa is indeed Rising.’


Alongside other Anzisha 2014 finalists, Noah Walakira of Uganda has put his hands to the plough, idealized and implemented an employment scheme for his community that will not only generate funds, but add value to the final consumers.

The 21-year old is the Founder of Namirembe Sweater-Makers, a community based organisation which knits sweaters to tackle unemployment. No stereotypes for this young man!

Noah studied at the KiBO Foundation and also attended the Mengo Senior School; now resident in Kampala Uganda, he has been able provide scholarships for himself and other employees from the funds generated by his enterprise.

The 2014 Anzisha finalist whose light-bulb moment happened when he was only 14, fuelled by the reality of his circumstances has since partnered with over 43 schools nation-wide as well as established uniform companies in his sweater-making adventures.

Noah is eager to move onto the next level where he can purchase equipment to enable production and delivery on large scale orders. He also plans to establish similar projects in communities throughout Uganda to aid in poverty alleviation, provide scholarships and reduce the unemployment ratio on a grand scale.

Noah Walakira

How did he learn to knit sweaters? Why did he decide to create an enterprise out of it? We can’t wait to discover the details behind this young man’s flight path to impact. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for an interview with Noah Walakira!

Creating change, making impact, touching lives; young Africans are alive to the challenges of the 21st century and tackling it head –on! What’s your quota? Sometimes an idea doesn’t need to be novel or out-of-this-world innovative to make a difference and generate much-needed funds; what idea are you looking down on?

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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