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Martha Okwuchi Ezeji is a Nigerian Star

Hello Konnect Africans!!!! We bring more inspirational articles from the I Know A Nigerian Star writing competition. Enjoy!!

Martha Okwuchi Ezeji is a Nigerian Star

There is a saying that a star is born every day. I concur with this because I believe that we are all stars in different constellations. Two decades ago, precisely on 2 june, a star was born in Nigeria and since then, this star has refused to stop shinning. In fact, it seems as though she is in a competition to shine brighter than the Sun.

Martha Okwuchi  Ezeji started singing when she was a little girl with her Local church choir and developed interest in Art in Elementary school, I always saw her as an artist because she could sketch anything on a piece of paper and it will come out beautiful. I know this because she was three classes ahead of me in Elizabeth Fowler Memorial Primary School, Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.

Martha had her high School education in Ansar-ud-deen High School, Surulere Lagos and went to The Prestigious Peter King College of Music, Badagry to Major in Guitar playing.

In 2010, she graduated from music school, and then joined an all-girl musical band called Girls Rule Jazz Band, where she was the Lead Guitarist in 2011.

Ok! Enough of the name Martha and let me properly introduce you to the multi-talented Singer, Artist and guitarist; she is called Miss Magic. No need to wonder why she’s called that. Her dexterity and Rock fusion on the Guitar got her that name. The beautiful instrumentalist can’t help but perform magic when her fingers are on the strings.                                                                                                                                  
Miss Magic is a also back-up singer, she backed  Muma Gee ( a popular Nigerian singer) up for 5years, and worked with Oritz Wiliki, Mr Kool and the eja-nla himself  D’banj; all Nigerian artists.

She also had the privilege of playing in a concert alongside Dr Victor Uwaifo when she was on tour with her girl band, which she as one of her best moments in the music industry.

                                                                     Martha Okwuchi Ezeji is a Nigerian Star She has also served in various churches like; The Global Impact Church, Redeemed Christian Church of God (God’s Heritage Parish) and Christ Light Church, as Lead Guitarist.

Miss magic enjoys Soul, Jazz, R&B, Gospel Music, she has recently come up with her own kind of music called frock; which is a blend of Afro-pop & Rock Music. Her Icons are Carlos Santana, Brenda Fassie, Angelique Kidjo and Brandy.

This amazing lady is a Nigerian star because she empowers the girl child through music.She hopes to go into full music production and bring more girls into the music industry.

In addition to music, she has an interest in business, Designing, Art/painting and counseling. She loves to cook and teach music. Martha intends to push her career in music to further her education in the United States of America. She also has a vision to empower youths, in Imo State Nigeria where she hails from.

The truth is, we never run out of stars, all you have to do is keep your head up and let God be the center of everything you do. Your star will never grow dim. If you believe you are a star, then this message goes out to you.


This article was submitted by, Tricia Taylor, a Nigerian Born-Sierra Leonean; she is an aspiring DJ and a graduate of the Lagos State Polytechnic, where she studied Banking and Finance. She has also studied Production at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (Training School).  Tricia hopes to further her education and leave her footprints in the sands of time.

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Contributing Writer
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