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Four Success Principles I Learnt At A Christmas Party

It is the Christmas season and in Nigeria, there are lots of parties around this time.

Here, most companies and organisations celebrate big with their staff with a loads of food and drinks. For those who can afford it, popular musicians and comedians are brought in to spice up the evening. Is this the case in your country too?

Humble me, I was privileged to be in one of such parties where Seyi Law was the Compere/MC. The list of Performing Acts was intimidating but top on the list was Tiwa Savage and the KokoMaster himself, D’banj.

I haven’t watched these folks perform live before. But watching them perform from very close quarters (I was occupying a front seat. I didn’t want to hear stories) gave me more insight into why successful people succeed big time. I will share some of these insights with you starting now –

1. Successful people are clear about their talents and giftings

D'Banj Four Success Principles I Learnt At A Christmas Party
D’Banj – The KokoMaster

D’Banj discovered very early that He is an entertainer. When he performs, you are very sure you are going to be entertained. I don’t know how he does it. He will even tells you, “I am an Entertainer. I am here to entertain you.” I laughed a lot when he was on stage. I was thoroughly entertained.

Tiwa Savage has very good vocals. She can sing for Africa and she did sing very well. Her voice has won her so many awards and gotten her so much money. Yeah, she dances well too, but she is not the best there. So she stays with her talent and that is singing.

Seyi Law the comedian didn’t try to sing or dance. He simply cracked us up with his jokes, funny remarks, direct attacks at certain personalities and even had a funny 6-packs competition with D’banj. If you know Seyi Law, you will know that He has one pack, so D’Banj was happy to compete.

Before I forget, D’Banj came in with the CEO Dancers. If you don’t know them, you will know today. They are an all-female award winning dance group originally from Nigeria and South Africa but based in London.

They got to the semi-finals of the Britain’s Got Talent 2013 and they are very young (between 22-24). Their main style of dance originates from Africa. Men, those girls can dance. If you are still in doubt, ask Simon Cowell.

CEO Dancers
(Photo Credit –

Why I am talking about them? They didn’t try to sing or crack jokes. They didn’t try to grab the mic at any point. They just danced and danced. You will think they are on drugs. So my wife thought.

What am I trying to say? Successful people are clear about their individual talents and they focus on it. You have been preloaded with something special. Are you clear about your talent? Do you know with certainty your area of remarkable difference from others? Search yourself. Look inwards. while you are searching and looking, I am going to my second point.

2. Successful people practice relentlessly.

After watching these folks perform beautifully, intelligently and energetically, it became very clear to me that there is no way any one can perform at that level without sufficient practice.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Yes, you know what your talent is, but the question is how much time are you giving to developing it, to polishing your skills, to honing your gifts and being the best in that area?

D’banj actually performs with a life band. I am sure you know what that means. It is not beans. Seyi Law can not afford to crack a joke that is not funny. He will not be invited next year.

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage joined her dancers in their choreography from time to time. You can’t just fly in from Hawaii or the Maldives and do that.

You need to practice. Or is it the CEO Dancers? Let’s not go there.

The moral here is practice. Practice well. Show up everyday and practice your craft. Not today alone. Not once or twice, but everyday. Before you know it, your success will be waiting at your door.

3. Successful people have fun while they work

Another thing I noticed was that these folks enjoyed what they were doing. When someone is not having fun in what they are doing, it shows on his face. His attitude and body language will tell the story in 4D.

Seyi Law was fun and comedy personified.

Seyi Law - The Comedian
Seyi Law – The Comedian (

The CEO dancers were very happy to dance. Wriggling! Shaking! Twerking all the way!

Tiwa Savage waltzed through the crowd singing and dancing with different people.

D’banj brought a good number of Kokolets and Mamalets on stage to dance with him (According to him, “no Babylets and Grannylets allowed. They should stay at home”). He even brought the MD and his wife on stage to dance.

You see, He was having loads of fun and you know what, He performed for almost three (3) hours. No person who was not having fun would have lasted that long.

Successful people have loads of fun while they work. Because of this, they lose track of time because they are enjoying what they are doing.

Are you always glancing at your wristwatch while you are at work? Then, you just may not be having fun. it could well mean that you are not at your place of assignment/talent.

4. Successful people know what they are worth and charge appropriately –

It will interest you to know that these comedians and musicians you see on TV are well-paid for what they do. Some of their earnings for a single show is well over annual salaries of some people you know. I don’t know about yours.

I was privileged to know how much some of these performers received as payment for their displays at the party. Mind-blowing! That is all I can say.

Someone sitting close to me was like, “What!!!!!! for just singing for a short time, you get all that?? I am definitely in the wrong job. I am changing jobs”. Looool. Please change quickly.

My point is this – these guys have honed their skills really well and now, they are on top of their game and they charge appropriately. They charge very well.

See, you can only charge well for your craft when you are on top of your game. People will be begging for your services and products. What that really means is that they are invariably begging to pay you. Your calendar will be full.

I understand one of the local banks in Nigeria flew in Mariah Carey for their Christmas party. Sorry, It is not from me that you will hear how much they coughed out to bring her in to do the show. I am not Linda Ikeji. But it was more than mind-blowing.

But really and truly, these successful guys charge and charge well.

So that is it.

With these ‘few’ words of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you, on the things you need to do to become a huge success in 2014. For me, I am now convinced.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

p.s. Konnect Africa looks forward to sharing your success story. Stop dulling!

Arise Arizechi
Arise Arizechi
CEO of KA Publishing, Founder of Konnect Africa and Host of Breakthrough Academy

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