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Kah Walla; Entrepreneur Going On President!

Kah Walla

 Kah Walla is a woman who has dared to go where angels fear to tread; and no, she’s no fool. She swims with the sharks in murky political waters, and is the Queen of the jungle in untamed business terrains.

From the West Central African Country of Cameroon, Kah Walla was born on 28th February 1965. Over the decades, she has established herself as a visionary, activist, entrepreneur and firm believer in the liberties of her people.

Kah Walla is the Founder of Strategies! an international firm with Headquarters in Douala, Cameroon which offers consulting services in leadership and management, whilst maintaining the highest norms and standards in the international market. A firm which she started in her Father’s dining room in 1999 now boasts of clients that come from the length and breadth of Africa, Europe and North America. The woman-owned, women-run firm boasts annual sales of over $500,000 and continues to grow. Kah Walla was recognized in 2008 by the World Bank as one of only seven women entrepreneurs in Africa; she is also a board member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

Kah Walla

For over twenty years, Kah has worked with civil society groups in Cameroon and Africa at developing policies and projects for farmers, traders, motorbike drivers, persons with disabilities, fishermen, students associations, and governments.

In a bid to empower other Cameroonian women economically and politically, Kah -in collaboration with Vital Voices-launched a pilot program with women vendors in one of the largest produce markets of Douala. As a result of the program, the vendors were able to form an association to advocate for improved conditions, elimination of double-taxation and for the creation of a level playing field for women in the marketplace.

Kah Walla

As an elected official in Douala in 2007, Kah was well known for her stands on issues of transparency and budget management. On her decision to take the plunge into governance, Kah stated in an interview with Ventures Africa, “I used to say to myself back when I started my business, “anything but politics!”…However, “Today I challenge educated Africans that are looking for change and trying to affect it with their business and NGOs, ‘How can you change a society with a bad government?’ Show me one country that has been able to turn its economic situation or hardships around with a bad government in place, none!” In 2008 she strongly opposed the constitutional amendment in favour of the non-limitation of presidential terms of office. In 2010, Kah announced her candidacy to the office of President of the Republic of Cameroon and launched a formidable campaign to lead a country which has only had two presidents in fifty years of existence.

Kah 1

Her party, the Cameroon People’s Party continues to form a strong opposition movement in Cameroon; fighting for just governance and freedom to exercise the rights of the people.

At 48, this African entrepreneur is internationally recognized for her proficiency in management, her understanding of development issues and her strong desire to see a new Africa that utilises its incredible potential.

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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