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Jackie Appiah Agyemang; “Impossibility Does Not Exist in my Dictionary…”

The movie industry in Africa is on the rise, and with it, Africa’s reputation in the world of filmmaking. Personally, I believe it is all due to the acting prowess of our African movie stars whose talent excuses the lack of technical support and inferior production quality.

Jackie Appiah Agyemang

Pretty Jackie Appiah Agyemang is one of such. The talented Ghanaian actress who won the awards for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ and ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ at the Africa Movie Academy Awards,  Best Pan African Actress in 2011, and ‘Best Actress’ at the African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards in 2013, has become a buzzword in the Ghana Film Industry AKA Ghollywood.

The leading lady has made a name not just for herself but her country. Born 5th December 1983 in Canada, the last of five children, she moved back to Ghana with her parents in 1993. Jackie recalls that her flair for acting was recognized early on and she was a member of the drama group in her local church from the age of 12.

Jackie Appiah Agyemang

A few years down the line, stardom beckoned on her when she was introduced to Edward Seddoh the producer of the TV series ‘Things We Do for Love’; she was cast as Enyonam Blagogee in the series, and her remarkable ability to bring her character to life, brought more roles her way.

Jackie Appiah is now one of the highest paid and most recognizable faces on-screen in Africa. Her burgeoning popularity has made her the darling of advertisers, with brands falling over themselves to make her an ambassador for their products. Jackie’s face is a familiar feature on several billboards and TV commercials in Ghana and Nigeria.  With over 50 movies and several awards under her belt, all at a relatively young age, Jackie’s star is shining so bright, we need to shade our eyes!!!

Jackie Appiah Agyemang

Of her success, the Ghanaian star says, “My rise has been due to plenty of hard work and commitment to what I do. I always have it at the back of my mind that everything is possible. Impossibility does not exist in my dictionary. Sometimes, the best things happen when you just go with your instincts. I wouldn’t forget my team and crew, fellow actors and actresses who all contributed to where I am today. Above all, talent is a gift from God, who shows me the way and leads me to the light.”

God, a pinch of talent, another pinch or two of hard work and commitment and a refusal to see impossibilities is Jackie’s recipe for success; what’s yours? Don’t forget to share!

Jackie Appiah Agyemang

Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya
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