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It Is High-time We Waged War!


Moral decadence has hitherto been a hydra-headed demon that bedevils every facet of the Nigerian society. It is not unconnected with several culminating factors. But for the dearth of value system in the contemporary family unit, which serves as the microcosm of the larger society. Historically, it is notable that, the advent of colonialism into the political realm of the pre-colonial Nigeria had occasioned an incessant obsession for the world of western civilization.

Indeed, the spate at which societal ills are exaggerated in Nigeria, calls for a complete revitalization of the decaying traditional structures in Nigeria. It is of national humiliation, when a reknown African nation is bereft of trans-national integrity, transparency and territorial unity. Extensive corruption, political thuggery, wide-scaled youth unemployment, abject poverty and terrorism to mention few, constitute the contributory elements engendering its democratic under-development.

Pursuant to relevant constitutional provision of the amended Nigerian constitution, any successive democratic government must take the security and welfare of the citizenry a national priority. Notwithstanding, the government of the day has advertently failed to live up to its democratic accountability. Rather than addressing the multitude of demanding issues that flooded the polity, the government relishes playing politics to the detriment of its primary objectives.

What are the mandated functions of a democratic-oriented government, when the dividend of democracy is being circulated within a particular cabal of power drunken Nigerians. The pre-supposed national institutions have been upgraded to miracle centres to garner unlaboured wealth. In such a regard, political prostitution and violence have been the grand weapons employed to rape the unwary electorates of their discretionary power. It is only in Nigeria, that an ex inmate convicted of a financial-related offence, would come out on his party platform to aspire for a sensitive political office. Predictably, the victory may be his.

Incompetence that characterizes the quality of Nigerian leadership relegates the level of the nation’s growth and development. For instance, the unquenched brouhaha surrounding President Jonathan’s 2015 political ambition. Going strictly by the executive powers conferred on him, the primary focus of every successive government should be the welfare of the teeming people.

The guerrilla warfare masterminded in the north, is a thing of intimidation to the entire northerners; persistent abduction being perpetrated in the Niger delta region threatens the heart, or the wanton killing in the plateau that has hitherto claimed more than thousand lives in less than three months. The question is, “where are we heading towards as an independent nation”?

Since the departure of Nigeria from the series of military junta in 1999, the country has recorded many cases of extensive corruption being constantly perpetrated by our leaders. Is this the actual purpose for which our mandate is given? Your thought is as good as mine.

The dictum, “the judiciary is the last hope of a common man” is a mere statement that lacks effects in Nigeria. The judicial institution in Nigeria is being fashioned to accommodate perversion, favouritism and undue political influence. Nigerian judges, though well trained, are puppets in the hands of the highest political bidders. Though the resolute mindset and actions of the chief justice of Nigeria to rid the judiciary of bad skeletons is commendable, yet our nation’s hope is a mile from transparency. Every political scholar preaches in support of an independent judiciary when all the established powers in respect of judicial appointment lies within the discretion of the power-ridden executives.

At this juncture, it is high time Nigerians refashioned their destiny to the tune of the play, and utilized the unlimited freedom granted to us by the supreme law of our land. In the light of this, it is a call on the great people of this nation to ideologically reposition our political fate in the fast approaching 2015 resurrection period. Let’s not sell our free mandate to the determined merchants of loot, or yield to the gimmickry being peddled by those die-hard political prostitutes.

Be a ruler of your own political destiny, and avoid the sumptuous meal of those that detest the doctrine of common wealth.

Ali Toyin Abdul is an award-winning writer, law undergraduate and published poet. You can contact him via twitter @smart4law, facebook: ali smart dee-jurist or 08135284036.  

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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