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Imonikhe Gharubah is a Nigerian Star

If there is something very important Imonikhe Gharubah has taught me in life that would be humility and hard work. Born to a financially average family in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. Imonikhe who  is a third year student of the University of Benin and second born out of his mother’s children  is someone who shares the little he has with both his loved ones and strangers truly in need of assistance, which  can be  said to be something very rare in our society today.

On gaining admission into the University of Benin as a hundred level student, Imonikhe already started showing some true leadership traits right from his clearance exercise which attracted mixed reactions from both fellow students and lecturers in the university.

At first some students and lectures didn’t like him because they thought he did good things so he would try to get into the students union government, until it became clear to them when he wasn’t even interested and from there onwards he barely had anybody who thought negative of him.

Presently most hundred level students in the faculty of physical science have seen a role model in the person of Imonikhe, this is due to the fact that despite his tight schedule he has managed to organize tutorial and revision classes for hundred level students in his department.

Imonikhe who is very bright academically started teaching few students who were struggling to cope in class, in a few months the quantity of students grew larger because they noticed the improvement of the first few who were benefiting academically from Imonikhe, many lecturers saw this as an advantage to them due to the fact that their lectures became less stressful and simpler for the students to understand.

 All through the tutorials Imonikhe offers, he never took a penny from anybody and when he is asked why he says he enjoys knowing that he can help people for free in times of their need. An aspect of Imonikhe’s life which I would just love to have is the love he has for the sick and disable people.

Sometime early last year Imonikhe formed an association called “Giving hope”, with a few of his friends, they go out to visit a few hospitals and share little gift items to the less fortunate patients ranging from foodstuffs to greeting cards and some other things, this exercise is carried out on a monthly basis and have touched about forty eight lives since it began.


 “Giving hope” has also spotted some disabled students who are also financially troubled and have been putting smiles on their faces ever since. One would want to know how Imonikhe gets the money to run this small foundation owing to the fact that he is still a student; his hard work clearly pays off.

Fortunately being a very religious person, Imonikhe has always approached people preaching to them about making it into the kingdom of God and that without hard work one would not be able to survive in this harsh world.  Even with all these major help to the society around him, Imonikhe remains very humble and still finds himself doing little things like greeting everyone he comes in contact with, opening doors politely for people, running small errands for lecturers when he is asked and indeed so many other things. This is the story of a Nigerian Star

You can reach Imonikhe via:

Telephone: 07062036520




This “I Know A Nigerian Star” Story was submitted by…

Osarenkhoe Nosa Harrison a 20 year old student.


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