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Humphrey Musila – Building a Better Kenya via African Tutor

This story was sent in Humphrey Musila. He writes about his social enterprise project targeted at improving the Educational Sector in Kenya. Read on and be inspired…

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Before I came to study in the US, I was the Founder and Director of a community based youth organization by the name Makueni County Youth Organization (MACOYO) based in the county of Makueni. During that period I was involved in different activities of youth empowerment with a lot of emphasis on education. I opened the first library in my village home in the year 2012.

When I arrived at my University, I saw an opportunity of book resources. I quickly figured out and started an initiative to collect books and encouraged students, faculty and staff to donate books that will go to Kenya to help students and learners.  I launched the book project in October of this year (2014) and the response was very positive. I saw it as an opportunity to give back to my community back in Kenya. Currently I have received a donation of over 2,500 books, printers and other stationery waiting to be shipped to Kenya. They include very quality books such as Computer science books, medical and health books, business books, kids’ books to mention a few. All the books will go to different counties in Kenya and some will go to my library.

Founder and CEO of African Tutor Humphrey Musila with his friend Walter Kosgei after receiving a donation of books from students at Park University
Founder and CEO of African Tutor Humphrey Musila with his friend Walter Kosgei after receiving a donation of books from students at Park University

Much is in the offing:

Despite many miles away from Kenya, as a young leader, I feel that I have a responsibility to build a better Kenya for everyone. The time for sitting down and waiting for manna from heaven is long gone. Young people in Kenya and Africa as a whole ought to wake up and apply themselves and make ends meet. This has prompted me to start a social enterprise by the name “African Tutor”, which is now two months old, registered in Kenya. As the Founder and CEO of this social enterprise I look forward at initiating solutions to the many challenges faced by young people across Africa today.

African Tutor aims to achieve this by empowering the young generation in the African continent by making available of useful information such as admissions into institutes of higher education from tertiary, colleges & universities, link to tutors, provide stationery materials such as books, pens and pencils to libraries & schools among other more information concerning the welfare of young people across the continent of Africa. In addition, we shall also make available of information & resources such as jobs, internships, scholarships, and conferences to mention a few

As we speak, African Tutor is currently helping students in Kenya to access tutors. A student needs to go online on our website or our social media sites (Facebook & twitter) and fill in a form, and he/she will be linked with a tutor. Currently our tutors are available in four counties but we are working to recruit more tutors in the coming weeks from different counties. As a social enterprise we are creating employment for young people because a student has to pay to be tutored- depending on the time he/she is willing to be tutored, and hence the tutors also get paid.

In months’ time, African Tutor will seek to boost education in Africa by offering quality online tutorials to students across Africa to take courses online provided one has connection to internet. Courses will include such as; financial management, computer courses, programming, to mention a few. In short African Tutor is seeking to connect the continent of Africa through education. This will boost the standards of education not only in Kenya but also across the African continent.

We will also partner with higher institutes of higher education such as colleges and universities to publish their course materials on our website and social media sites and other admission information to prospective students. This is to make it easy for college applicants to easily access such information at the comfort of their zone.

Humphrey Musila
Humphrey Musila

You will bear me witness that Africa as a continent is in dire need for books and other academic resources. African Tutors vision is to introduce “mobile libraries” that will ensure all students despite their backgrounds will have equal access to books and other materials. The “mobile libraries” will seek to improve the academic status of African school going children and create a culture of education in Africa. Join us at African Tutor as we seek to make our vision a reality.

My parting shot for the youth: you don’t need to build the next Microsoft to make a difference in life or either the next Facebook. You just have to know who you are; and what you are passionate about and then move forward.

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Contributing Writer
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  1. This is one of the best noble ideas that can transform the education sectors in Africa. Congratations on your endevors Humphrey Musila, African continent stands with you. In deed we need more young outstanding people in Africa like you.

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