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Get Salted! Hit the Delete Button

When God gives you a promise.

When he sends you a word concerning your life. You have got to be radical about how you hold on to it. You cannot allow the ’10 spies’ that live in your head infect you with their negative, self-destructive, ‘I am nothing but an ant’ way of thinking. You have got to be more like dear Joshua and Caleb in the way we think for as a man thinks……yep, so shall he be. So we cannot afford to allow our minds play back any of those self-defeating thoughts that seem to plague us. When those thoughts come, we have only one thing to do – Hit the DELETE button pronto!

Get Salted Hit the Delete Button

This past week, I have been really busy and I have to admit many of my thoughts were not Salt-friendly at all. But then I remembered this word gave me a while back on how to deal with negative thoughts: My Beloved daughter, if you begin to think any thoughts that contradict me and all that I spoke over and into your life HIT THE DELETE Button!

Yes, we have the weapon of the Word of God and we must use it to wage cerebral and spiritual war! We must over-write all our thoughts and imaginations that do not line up with what God has told us. God has promised to do a new thing in our lives and he will. Anything we see or hear that tries to make God a liar in our lives must be deleted with alacrity and replaced with our truth. And our truth is in the Bible. Our truth is in all that God has told us he would do in our lives – A NEW Thing. Nothing less. Nothing more. And I don’t know about you but I refuse to let anything or anyone stand in my way. Are you with me?

So tell me, what we gonna do when those so-called facts that negate our God-given destinies present themselves? Hit the ‘Delete’ button!

And how about the contrary signs we see and/or the anxious thoughts we think as we wait for God to move? What do we do to them? Hit the ‘Delete’ button!

Ah, here come those intelligent people with their commonsensical theories and logical reports? How do we handle their words? Click the ‘Mute’ button!

*tut tut tutting* Did you think we were going to delete them? Lol! Thou shall not kill o! But our ears shall hear no evil in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen! So anyone one who seems to be in the habit of enabling negative thought patterns will eventually have to go! This is not the time to have ’10 unbelieving spies’ around us. Lailai!

This is the time to guard our hearts and minds with extreme-my-eyes-are red-do not even try-me-now caution! This is a time to live with your finger poised over the computer key board of our lives ready to click at the drop of the hat! Yes, this is the time to be on high alert. Any self-destructive, self-defeating thoughts even think of hovering around our mind-space and CLACK!!!!!


Bola Essien-Nelson (aka Salt) is a blogger/author based in Lagos, Nigeria. You can connect with her via her blog – The Salt Chronicles on Blogger where she is  ‘seasoning’ the world around her one salt blog at a time.


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Contributing Writer
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