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Francis Nmeribe – The Early Retirement Specialist


“Every young African should take a personal responsibility to find his or her purpose in life, envision greatness, work the work required to achieve one’s purpose and greatness in life and never ever spend a second thinking about any entitlement as a result of their birth, circumstance, family and country”.

These are the words of a focused, versatile and purpose driven African, whose heart beats continuously for his people; ever seeking for ways to make lasting impact on the willing and receptive.

Francis Nmeribe is an affable transformational teacher, industrial security practitioner and author who derives great joy in helping people in need of life direction.

He mentors the young, hosts personal transformation and early retirement planning seminars and workshops across the West African sub region; guiding both people and small businesses to diversify their sources of income through creating multiple streams of income.

A Fellow, as well as a Certified Security Specialist Instructor (CSSI) of the Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security (NIIS), Francis holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Calabar, in Cross River State, Nigeria. 

Adept in security matters, Francis has acquired specialized training and highly commendable practical experience in fields like; kidnap and ransom negotiation, security background checks of individuals as well as due diligence for prospective investors before committing to investing on the climate.

Also a renowned writer, publisher, and the author of several bestselling books including; Foundation for Joyful Relationships, Growing From Your Experiences, The Adventures of Bomber Billy, Retire Early To Wealth and Fame (currently selling on Amazon), Dating 101: Principles and Practice(also selling on Amazon), Wrong Reasons For Getting Married (eBook), Sex And Responsibility, One Rape Too Much, Why, When And How To Start Business While Working Full Time.

This man of purpose clearly has his fingers busy in multiple affairs all of which he gives deserving attention. Francis gladly shares his secret thus;

“The life I live today and the drive for what I do – my writings, coaching, companies – were inspired by where I saw myself when I was growing up.  While Bob Marley started out crying, I started out shying.  I worked on my shyness and conquered it and have developed a blueprint on how people can conquer shyness.  This would soon be a book.

I started reading very early in life in spite of living the first twenty years of my life in the village. The Biafran war brought some distant relations who had been living in the city to our home as refugees.  They came with a lot of books.  Having great love for books, I had great opportunity to read on all subjects imaginable to me.  Books were instrumental to my conquering shyness. I discovered that the more books I read, the more vocabulary I had and the more I was able to hold meaningful conversation with people.

It seems that writing came naturally to those who read.  I discovered very early in life that I loved to write.  I would scribble on any piece of paper thoughts, quotes and whatever met my fancy while still in primary school.  While in secondary school, I had a small article I wrote and it got published by the Vanguard Newspaper. Since that time, I have had the excitement of writing and getting published in newspapers”.

His passion for writing is greatly inspiring. Currently, he is doing a lot of writing and research and is still looking forward to an opportunity to launch into the media aspect of his passion. He would love to do so through TV appearances, documentaries and talk shows.

Francis sees every opportunity to transfer knowledge as golden, which explains why he endeavors to make the most of it. About his life changing seminars and workshops, he says:

“My seminars, workshops and books are practical in nature.  What I say at the seminars and workshops and what I have written in the books are practical experiences, hugely mine and those of others too.  All of them are what I and some people I know or have read about has done in real life.  They are easy to relate to people’s circumstances.

What I have achieved living my life in a certain way and conducting my business in a certain way, I am sure, would motivate people to pursue a purposeful life, achieve success and wealth legitimately and become a positive influence to others around. My works – seminars, workshops, DVDs and books – are personal development driven.  It comes with practical skills for achieving success in life.  They also contain the soft skills that really create authenticity in individuals.  So people would be helped to find their purpose in life, develop goals to achieve their purpose and become the best possible human beings in the process”.

Like most of us, Francis has outlined his target and goals for the coming year and beyond; he hopes to write a total of fifty (50) books by 2016 after which he would embark upon his next retirement.

That may just be a step in the right direction as he has already completed 9 books and 3 books are nearing completion, while 5 book ideas are already generated and are being researched.

He also hopes to speak at four major paid seminars in 2014, lead four major paid workshops, speak in 10 minor free seminars, 4 TV appearances as an Early Retirement Planning Expert, 4 TV appearances as a Dating and Marriage Questions and Answers Expert, 4 TV appearances as a Security Professional, Establish a Dating and Marriage Questions & Answers Group offline in all the State Capitals and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and Accra in Ghana beginning 2014 and also Package and have all his books sell on Amazon in the same year. Yeah, very lofty ideas if you ask me.


He says his vision is to be the foremost early retirement planning expert in Africa, establishing his expertise and authority through books, seminars, workshops and as early retirement planning workshop policy instigator.

About his mission he says;

“I am devoted to using the vehicle of my books, seminars, workshops, my companies and TV appearances to help people to plan and to create the life, the future, the opportunities and the wealth they need to live authentically and to learn to be happy.  I want in the process of giving, having my life and heart filled with happiness and fulfillment and wealth”.

His burden for people in retirement is apparent as he shares his passion;

“Most civil servants who leave service hoping that the ‘almighty’ pension and gratuity would guarantee them a life after salary.  The truth is that they retire, invest their gratuity into a business they had not learned beforehand and lose it, get shocked, sick and die if they are lucky. 

If they are not lucky they stay in the ill-health condition for a long time thereby draining their loved ones before they finally die painfully and in regret”.

He continues,

“the above is the source of my passion to help people entering or already in paid employment to start now to plan for their retirement whether they want to leave service before time or at the end of the statutory 60 years of age and 35 years of service as is the case in Nigeria or as it applies in any country in the world. 

My recommendation is that there should be an educational and civil service and employment policy that require people to learn about early retirement planning at school, on entry into paid employment and every three or five years throughout the period of paid employment.

So far, what is available for people is a pre-retirement workshop which people are provided with between 3 months and 2 years to their exit from paid employment.  This is grossly inadequate.  People need nothing less than the whole working life period to plan and implement suitable retirement planning.

Early retirement planning and programme implementation would also help those who may retire suddenly due to ill-health, downsizing, marriage, transfers, political and other upheavals.

I would like to spend the rest of my days as an early retirement planning evangelist helping people, organizations, governments take up this important element of our labour welfare laws and life that would help people avoid corruption, live and work with integrity and find wealth, peace and joy in retirement”.

His book “Retire early to wealth and fame” is a classic, as it clearly addresses several issues on retirement and contains a lot of information that would help every reader see reasons not to fear retirement but instead anticipate it joyfully.

You can visit the website www.retirerichandfamous.comto get additional information on the book.

You can also contact Francis Nmeribe on: +234-803-535-3201,+234-817-800-8112

or via email- francisnmeribe@yahoo.com.

www.retirerichandfamous.com and www.successpublishers.blogspot.com

Lovelyn Okafor
Lovelyn Okafor
Lovelyn Okafor is a Journalist/Writer, Poet, Lawyer and God-Lover. She enjoys a good read and sees everyday as an opportunity to live and enjoy her calling whilst working towards perfecting it. She believes that someday soon, Africa will reach her full potential as the light-bearer of the world. You can find her on Twitter: @lovelyn_o

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