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Felix Anyaegbunam An Outstanding Nigerian Star

It’s another beautiful Friday Konnect Africans, so sit back and be inspired by another brilliant #IKnowaNigerianStar article. Read, learn and thank God for Konnect Africa.

Felix Anyaegbunam

I like to think of a star as any outstanding and remarkable person who has through hard work achieved excellence in his pursuits and ultimately inspired the people around him/her. One such person I know is Felix Anyaegbunam.

Born into a family of four and the only son of his parents, Felix grew up in the small university town of Nsukka. While he doesn’t recall having an unhappy childhood, he does recall that paying his school fees was sometimes a difficult task due to financial difficulties. Perhaps, this was one of the things that motivated him to think beyond his mates and to pursue ways of setting the pace for others.

Felix explored a number of fields as he sought to identify his talents and ultimately his destiny. In the earlier stages of his childhood, he developed interest in writing and in music. His love for writing would fizzle out with time but not before he had written a few unpublished novels.

His interest in music also drove him to get acquainted with three musical instruments: drums, the piano and the guitar. Although he had interests in writing and in music, one thing that remained consistent throughout his explorations was his love for electronics. He was fascinated by them and ultimately decided to build his career in the field he was passionate about.

In 2010, Felix took a course in hardware engineering and still driven by his love for computers and a passion to excel, he borrowed money to study web designing and other computer programs. After he had mastered over eight computer languages including JAVA and several other software applications like AutoCAD and Inventor, Felix set out to carve a niche for himself in the technological industry.

He started his own company, DNELIX technologies, a technological company that deals with website designing, graphics creation and includes an academy where others are given the opportunity to learn the art of designing.

Felix, who is currently a fourth year student of Electronic Engineering, combines his education and his business in a seemingly effortless manner. He has been awarded several design contracts by some notable companies including Brain-Finetek Plasma Power Limited, a power generation company based in Abuja; and Home Loving Beddings and Interior Limited, an interior decoration company based in Lagos. He also designed a gaming portal for an NTA-Etisalat reality show.

Felix may not be a widely-acclaimed star but he has definitely caught the attention of his local community. In a country with a high rate of unemployment, entrepreneurial skills are a must-have for anyone wishing to succeed and Felix has definitely got some.

His academy which is dedicated to training other people who share similar passions is very popular and is the uncontested destination for anyone wishing to hone his/her designs skills. DNELIX technologies is also a favourite among local industries and it is easy to tell which graphics was designed by him because of his creativity and unique style. Although Felix is better known for his computing skills, he is also famous for his chess skills.

Recently, he organized the first ever chess tournament for engineering students at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He even has a gaming center dedicated to his chess love on his company’s official website, www.dnelix.net.

While I acknowledge that there are people who have probably achieved more and are better known, Felix is remarkable because he has not only succeeded in his business, he has also succeeded in inspiring a lot of young people within his community and is really making a difference through his academy. Felix, who is also a regular volunteer at youth programmes and events, uses his academy as a medium not only to encourage young people to pursue their dreams but also to help them actualize those dreams.

While it may be difficult to look up to highly established stars, it may be a lot easier to identify with the local stars around you and this seems to be the case with Felix. I am really positive I know a Nigerian star; it is Felix Anyaegbunam.


This I Know a Nigerian Star article was written and submitted by Nnamani Chidinma is a third year student of Food Science and Technology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

She loves writing and hopes to write someday on a professional level.

Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer
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